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Please make sure you read the "Commissions" journal first.

SECTION 5 - CLOTHING SET (Pokemon characters only)

PLEASE NOTE: Any METROnome commissions you wish to make will require you to give me a vast amount of detail on your character’s personality and clothing preference. This is to ensure that I will dress them accurately and pose them in a way suitable to their character. Also please be aware that I am uncomfortable drawing cross dressing characters, however I have no problem drawing characters wearing traditional attire or “prettier” clothes (see Samehk’s Eeveelution line for an idea of what I mean). You are welcome to send me any pose reference and/or clothing reference to make representation even more accurate. I will also automatically retcon anything that will get in the way of me designing clothing (ie. Gardevoir skirts) unless you request I do not. Please try to keep METROnome commissions to Pokemon characters that can wear clothing easily (like man don’t ask me to dress a Serperior HOW EVEN -- but you know what if you REALLY want me to dress up a Serperior I will do my best okay? Okay).

You can also pick clothes from any previous sets I've done, if you'd rather:
 Generation 3 || Generation 2 || Generation 5 || Generation 1 || Generation 4

Eeveelution set (single character) --- $60 USD (9 outfits)
Additional $5 USD for the inclusion of one Eevee or an Eeveelution.

Eeveelutions collection 2. by Airanke
Eeveelutions Collection 4. by Airanke

Eeveelution set (couple/sibling) --- $70 USD
(four female, four male, one double, 10 outfits total)
Additional $10 USD for the inclusion of two Eevees or two Eeveelutions.

Eeveelutions collection 3. by Airanke

YOUR CHOICE --- $50 USD (7 outfits)
You are required to give me the following information:

  • What TYPE or TYPES of Pokemon you desire me to reference for the line
  • A small list of Pokemon you would like me to consider
  • If you choose a Couple/Sibling Eeveelution set, you can choose two Pokemon types and specify (ie. Bug for the female, Dragon for the male).
  • Alternatively you could choose exactly which seven Pokemon from that type you want clothing based off of.
MIA'S CHOICE collection. by Airanke
Dark/Steel collection. by Airanke
I will also combine designs (especially if you choose a single character but two Pokemon types). Essentially the “YOUR CHOICE” sets are really all up to you, I just design the clothes.


To know her is to love her.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hong Kong

Commissions | OPEN!!!


Art tumblr. ------- Airakanke.

My biggest interests:
Actually my biggest interests lie in couples, but I'll just put some series down here.
|Pokemon: Best Wishes!|Sengoku Basara|Naruto|Usagi Drop|Kimi ni Todoke|Bleach|

█ Christian.
█ 女.

Nicknames: Mommy | Mother | AK-47
Colors: Red | Purple | Blue | but really I love them all.

"A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell."
~C.S. Lewis


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