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Okay FYI if you guys go looking for CW/KV/SS/BB's art apps you won't find them, I've stuck them into storage until further notice :'D I'll take them out eventually don't worry, but for now yeah, you will not have access to them. If you're looking for refs of them you're better off going to their Tumblr to find them (I still need to move them to a new Tumblr tho sooooo yeah haha XD)
Welp I better get around to adjusting the way I draw Pokemon, cuz I forget my interpretations are not passable in most groups I join.
PMDU art app: Devour Dreamweaver by Airanke
PMDU art app: Devour Dreamweaver


Not yet.

All memes are here.

Name: Ekaterina ("pure; innocent"); also known as Karina.
Sex: female.
Height: 2' 10".
Ability: Inner Focus - prevents flinching.
Age: 20.
Nature & Trait: Docile & unwillingly takes plenty of siestas.
Moves: Nightmare || Dream Eater || Calm Mind || Sleep Talk.
- suffers from narcolepsy.
- due to Sleep Talk, she has no control over what happens when she falls asleep; as such, she prefers to be alone, which is why she has opted for a solo team.
- she is very agreeable and will do anything she can to avoid conflict.
- Karina is blind in her right eye.
- she has one, tiny gem above her chest gem; this is a trait she shares with her mother; her markings are from her father (mostly on feathers, which are not very visible here).
- due to her past, physical pain is something she can easily ignore.

I am officially StarLynxWish's copy cat u m u. Also I'm making this team for stress relief mostly and also because nothing else really seems to be happening right now, and I apparently want a team to be able to draw every now and then (since I already have four teams that I exclusively write for). I'm making art apps for them too but that's mostly for reference purposes ha ha. Well hope you like her!

Ekaterina is mine, Airanke.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
I'll have you know I haven't seen the post and I'm not going to look at it, because LOL if he thinks he can get my attention that easily.

I have a general understanding on what exactly is going on, but I am going to take the advice of most of my friends and avoid the post.

Unlike him I'll do something productive with my time instead of whining and complaining about something that doesn't even matter U w U

On top of that I'm so glad I got blocked by him because that means that I don't see annnnny of his stuff popping up in my messages~~~ Such a relief, really~~

Anyway!! Just wanted to put this out there U w U

And! To everyone out there who's doing something about it. You have my thanks u w u :heart:


To know her is to love her.
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Art tumblr. ------- Airakanke.

My biggest interests:
Actually my biggest interests lie in couples, but I'll just put some series down here.
|Pokemon: Best Wishes!|Sengoku Basara|Naruto|Usagi Drop|Kimi ni Todoke|Bleach|

█ Christian.
█ 女.

Nicknames: Mommy | Mother | AK-47
Colors: Red | Purple | Blue | but really I love them all.

"A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell."
~C.S. Lewis


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ahhh, I'm so happy that I found you on dA, too <333
You're a great inspiration for me, you know ;w;

*throws cookies at you* You fabulousitty ;w;
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Hey Air I Was Wondering If You Would Like To Do A Rp With Me On Tumblr? If You Dont Want To I Understand ^^
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