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Caerulea Woden, Kennedia Vein, Skeletal Star, Bubblegum Boys & Wishful Crown.
Psychotropic Nymphaea, Wavering Alloy, Grave Revelations, Drunken Memoirs and Sorceress’ Saga.

Fashion Passion.
Fashion Passion by Airanke

Orianna couldn’t help but groan. She was supposed to have her sister’s ears cleaned out today, but the Braixen kept yapping and yipping and running away from her sister.

‘And I can’t use Fairy Lock on her because it will affect more people since I can’t concentrate when I’m stressing,’ she groaned again when her sister shuffled under a bed and darted out the other side and then into the hallway and down the stairs.

The female Smeargle grumbled as she hurried out of the room and followed her sister down the stairs. She made it to the shower level and halted there to ask the group of Simis if they’d seen her sister.

“No, sorry Oreo!” Shian chirped, popping the bubble she’d made with her gum, “I just got out of the shower!”

“I saw ‘er dart downstairs,” Akane said, giving Orianna a slight nod, “she was barkin’ somethin’ ‘bout how you were gonna’ clear ‘er ears.”

Orianna frowned, hugging herself, her tail sweeping around her legs, “I have to… soot collects in them, and I’ve noticed that it’s been falling out onto her pillow—“

“Oh!! That’s why her pillowcase is all black!” Midori piped in, her long tail arching behind her for a moment before settling back down on the ground, “I was washing the sheets and stuff earlier, I was wondering why her pillow case was black like that!”

Orianna flushed in embarrassment, “ah s-sorry about that Midori—“

“Heeeey, don’t sweat it Oreo!” the Simisage smiled broadly at her, while the Simipour and Simisear giggled softly, “but yeah, like Akane said she shimmied her way down the stairs, to the lounge area! Good luck!”

“Erm, thanks…” Orianna quickly went on her way. She still wasn’t one hundred percent used to the Tellurium girls, especially since the only girls she got along with were Luella and Shauntel.

‘And Karishma, but she’s been spending most of her time with Brass lately,’ Orianna mused inwardly, trotting down the steps to the bottom floor. Her tail was still hugged closely to her body and she still had her arms wrapped around herself. That and she could never understand why the Simis called her ‘Oreo’, though she had half a mind to believe it was because Gage was called ‘Cookie’.

Shaking her head to rid herself of thoughts of the male Smeargle, Orianna looked around the living space for her sister. After the first sweep of her eyes, Orianna couldn’t locate the bright yellow ball of fluff.

‘She didn’t go downstairs did she?’ she grew worried. Ciela would often go down to the basement and hide amongst Brass’ wood sculptures. Orianna refused to chase her sister around down there out of fear that she would knock over the large Golurk’s large, fragile looking statues.

‘She better not be downstairs!’ Orianna looked around the living space again, her eyes wide and panicked now.

“But Cookie—“

“Lookit this, Sweets,” the voices were unmistakably Ciela and Gage’s, “isn’t this the neatest thing?”

Orianna shuffled back to the wall, as Gage and Ciela were sitting at the bar – Ciela planted in Gage’s lap. Alistair stood behind the bar, a glass orb held firmly in his hand. As the Hawlucha slowly turned it in the light it shimmered with an array of different colors. The small Braixen’s ears flicked up as the orb that Alistair was holding onto distracted her.

“It’s pretty!” she chirped, reaching out her paws toward it. Chuckling, Alice set the orb in her paws.

“Hold it with both paws now,” he instructed her gently, cupping his larger, taloned claws around Ciela’s to ensure that she didn’t accidentally drop the ball.

Orianna tilted her head, watching the exchange – and noting that Gage’s left hand was inching toward some large cotton q-tips that were on the bartop.

‘Wait… is he…?’ she watched as Gage took advantage of Ciela’s distracted state of mind. He easily swabbed around the inside of Ciela’s left ear – the cotton object came out covered in dark soot. Wordlessly Gage turned the q-tip around to the clean side, swabbing around in Ciela’s left ear again, his tail twitching against the floor.

A bottle of clear liquid was on the counter as well, now that Orianna had managed to stop staring at how easy it was for Gage to clean out her sister’s ears. She assumed it was cleaning alcohol, and spotted the cloth that was on the counter too.

“COOKIE!” Ciela barked when Gage set the q-tip down on the counter.

Though he stuck out his tongue in distaste at the nickname, he peered down at the Braixen, “what is it Sweets?”

“Look!!” she shoved the orb in his face, though Alice at least managed to keep his hands around hers, “there’s like like a little f-fire dancing around in there!”

Gage chuckled, reaching up to slip his hands under Alistair’s. The Hawlucha reached for the bottle of alcohol and the cloth, unscrewing the lid of the bottle and wetting the cloth while Gage carefully brought the orb and Ciela’s paws back down to the countertop.

“Yeah, pretty ain’t it?” he agreed, pulling his hands away from Ciela’s and accepting the cloth from Alistair. The Smeargle proceeded to continue with cleaning out Ciela’s ears while Alice went back to distracting Ciela with the pretty glass orb.

‘… I didn’t know he was… that good with kids…’ Orianna grumbled inwardly, watching for a few more moments and finally walking over as Gage was obviously finishing up with Ciela’s other ear.

“There we go!” he laughed when Ciela’s ears flicked several times, then she gasped and jumped up in his lap – thankfully Alice had taken the orb back already so she didn’t throw it anywhere.

“COOKIE YOU CHEATER!!” she exclaimed, planting her hands firmly against his shoulders while he continued to laugh, “you tricked me!!”

“You fell for it~” he purred, then his blue eyes caught sight of Orianna. She stood at his side, pouting, arms behind her back.

“Hey, Orianna,” he greeted, and Ciela scampered over the counter and into Alistair’s arms. Orianna’s golden eyes followed the black Hawlucha for a moment as he moved toward the opening between the bar and the wall, and the door to the Boozehounds opened. Caerwyn entered, shaking his head and sighing.

“Um, h-hi Gage,” Orianna said, finally returning Gage’s greeting. Caerwyn looked like he’d had a tough time in the actual bar portion of the large living space, and Gage tilted his head to the side, then scratched the back of his neck.

“Noticed you were havin’ trouble with cleanin’ out Ciel’s ears.”

“Y-Yeah I was,” she pouted and looked off to the side, “I guess I’m a little too rough or something…”

“That’s what she was barking about,” he chuckled and Orianna smacked his tail with hers, her face red.

“Aw c’mon Ori, chill,” he mused, crossing his arms over the bar top and leaning against them, “it ain’t that hard to clean her ears out if you get her distracted or… ask for help,” he hesitantly said the last bit. Perhaps Gage was more intuitive than Orianna gave him credit for, considering that she wasn’t one who was always particularly excited about asking for help.

“That – well –“ she tried to come up with some reason why she hadn’t asked for help in the first place, but the more Gage steadily gazed at her the less able she was to come up with a good reason.

‘Ugh! Why does he always have to be so great with Ciela?!’ she fumed, stamping her feet a little bit and earning herself another chuckle from Gage. It reminded her in no small part of Micah, her childhood friend. Though she and Micah had been through thick and thin together, even being adopted on the same day, Micah was always infinitely better with children than Orianna could ever hope to be. She would almost argue it was because Micah’s little sister Casey was easier to handle than Ciela was, but Orianna knew that wasn’t true.

She settled, looking down at the floor in defeat, ‘it’s because I have a temper.’

“… thank you, Gage,” she muttered, scuffing one foot against the floor. He was quiet, and she glanced up at him to see he was looking at the bottles lining the wall across from him.

“Yeah, no problem.”

Orianna’s tail flicked and she reached up to grab Gage’s ear. A startled yelp escaped him, his tail whacking the wooden portion of the bar top, no doubt splattering dark navy paint everywhere.

Using Gage’s ear as leverage, she pulled his head closer to hers and pressed her lips against his cheek.

“I mean it!” she snapped, her cheeks illuminated by blush. Gage turned his head to look at her, navy eyes wide with surprise, clutching his ear in his hand. His cheeks were dusted red as well, and Orianna quickly hurried over to Alistair and Caerwyn to relieve them of her sister, as the teal Bisharp looked quite exhausted.
PMD-U intermission - Fashion Passion part 1.

Fix me (previous Int.) || Next.

This Intermission will include all of the following characters: Kalaghata, Saroja, Narcissus, Jezebel, Teagan, Acacia, Samehk, Padma, Orianna, Ciela, Luella, Desdemona, Dashiell, Gage, Caerwyn, Alistair, Astra and Ignazio.

Characters that will be cameo'd: Chantelle (group NPC), a new NPC on my side for Ciela's story, Shian the Simipour, Akane the Simisear and Midori the Simisage (NPCs of mine).

Entire story is written by me ( Airanke ), StarLynxWish did the art image for it (which I will be using in every part of FP) as well as minor edits if needed and/or writing parts where Astra is concerned to make sure she is IC.

Caerulea Woden
Kennedia Vein
Skeletal Star
Bubblegum Boys
Wishful Crown

After I post this, Wish will start posting a comic. Please note that Fashion Passion takes place BEFORE HL3, but HL3 will highly likely be posting more quickly than FP because I still have a lot of writing to do as far as Fashion Passion is concerned and Wish is virtually done HL3 already u m u 

Kalaghata, Saroja, Narcissus, Jezebel, Teagan, Acacia, Samehk, Padma, Orianna, Ciela, Luella, Desdemona, Dashiell, Gage, Caerwyn, Alistair, Vladimir, Ignazio, Shian, Akane and Midori are mine, Airanke.
Astra belongs to Wish, StarLynxWish.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
Kennedia Vein & Skeletal Star
Wavering Alloy & Grave Revelations.

Innocent Tragedy.

She stalked him.

Quiet professionally, one might add, her long tail twitching as she followed the tall, elegant Kirlia closely. Or distantly, Ciela wasn’t sure how good her own depth perception was.

Truthfully she was certain that Samehk knew she was following him - or at least, he would know by now, considering that she was staring at him so intently. That, and every now and then his short ears flicked.

‘I gotta’ make sure Tea-bag is okay!’ Ciela thought to herself, her tail bristling a little, ‘so I gotta’ follow Sam!’

Upon reaching a building with a bookstore in the bottom and all the windows on the second floor being blocked off, Samehk turned around.


His voice made the Braixen flinch, as if she had been guilty of being caught. Gripping the fur tufts that swept upward into a skirt, she shuffled out from behind a stall, the owner chuckling at her. She scuffed her feet at the ground, cheeks puffed out, looking off to the side.

“I-I was doin’ a pretty good job…” she muttered, and Samehk seemed to sigh. The Braixen let off a soft yelp as she was raised with Psychic energy and soon found herself being held in one of Samehk’s arms. She pressed her paws against his shoulder, blushing.

“H-Hi Sam!” she squeaked, and he shook his head a little.

“Hello, Ciela,” he mused, then turned and began to walk on his way to the back of the large building. Cieal’s ears perked up, and her hat fell off her head - the Kirlia, still holding onto her swung up on one leg. She let off a loud yelp, her braids brushing the ground as her hat landed on Samehk’s extended leg.

Swinging back into a standing position, Samehk expertly folded his his right leg up toward his chest. Ciela’s hat precariously rested on the tip of the Kirlia’s foot, and using her Hidden Power Ciela used a small gust of wind to bring the hat back to herself. She stuck it on Samehk’s head, though his horns made the task rather difficult.

“Um!” she stuck out her tongue in concentration, finally managing to stick her hat between his horns, “there!”

A chuckle left the Kirlia and he proceeded on his way as Ciela went back to observing the area. From the looks of things, Teagan lived in an area where there were nothing but tall, wide homes. Behind the bookstore was nothing, and the back of the building faced a copse of trees. Squinting, Ciela thought she could see a small pool of shimmering water.

“Sam! Sam!” she excitedly barked, and the Kirlia shifted his gaze to her.

“What is it?”

“Are you and T-Tea-bag gonna’ make a pretty garden?! I betcha it would be super duper p-pretty!!” she exclaimed excitedly, the end of her tail swishing back and forth as the heavier top half shook.

Samehk’s expression turned blank, though his brows narrowed inward and his lips were pinched in a sort-of frown, sort-of speaking posture.

He then looked at Ciela, his bright cherry red eye glimmering, “I never thought of that. This back area belongs to the bookstore, however, I will certainly mention the fact to him. As it stands, the bookstore is practically bankrupt.”

As he headed up the long stairway at the back of the property, Ciela titled her head confusedly to the side, “b-bankrupt?”

“... to put it simply, it means they are very low on money and can no longer afford to rent the lowermost part of this building. I believe they’re having a sale to assist the owner and her workers in finding a new place to live,” he explained, glancing at Ciela to ensure she understood.

Though she didn’t really, she nodded her head, her ears swept back, ‘Pokemon can run out of money?’

It was a difficult concept for her to wrap her young mind around, seeing as any and all of her expenses were paid for by either her parents, Orianna, Lucian, or Alistair. She wondered if at some point in her life she might be in a similar predicament to the bookstore owner, then shook her head a little, ‘mommy and daddy wouldn’t let that happen!... right?’

She had little more time to think on the subject as Samehk had reached the door at the top of the steps. The moment he pushed the door open she wiggled right out of his arm, her brown eyes already spotting Teagan sitting on one of the cots. She raced over to him with quite the speed and jumped up into his side.

“TEA-BAG!!” she cried, easily knocking the Bisharp over. He let out a grunt, his head luckily hitting the pillow instead of the wall.

“C-Ciela?” he questioned, attempting to push himself up on his arms with Ciela tightly hugging his chest, her small paws scrabbling at his back, “what are you doing here?”

She pressed her face against his chest, trying not to remember how he looked when he fell down. This caused the Bisharp no small amount of concern and he gingerly touched Ciela’s head.

“Sweets?” he tried, his voice reflecting the concern, “is everything alright?”

“.... I just… just wanted t-t-t-.... t-t-t…” her lips quivered as she tried to speak, and she resorted to sniffling. Teagan seemed to be at a loss of what to do and he wrapped his arms around her, albeit hesitantly.

“Just wanted to…?” he prompted, and finally after a few more minutes of sniffling, Ciela was able to speak;

“I just wanted t-to make sure you were o-okay…”

Teagan was silent, and still, until he pulled Ciela closer to his person.

“I’m alright, Ciela. Astra stopped by to make sure I was okay,” he chuckled softly and she looked up at him, her ears perked upright, “as per your request.”

The small Braixen shook with happiness. Astra had listened to her!! It made her feel quite warm inside to know that, despite Astra’s apparent dislike of Teagan, she’d come to check on him anyway.

“Oh!! That’s good!! Good that W-Wobbles came to check!”

Teagan cocked a brow at Ciela, “Wobbles?”

“Yeah!! Astra!” Ciela yipped, her tail continuing to wag. Teagan chuckled, shaking his head in amusement.

“I see…”

“Oh! W-where’s your coat?” Ciela asked, her ears flicking back. Before Teagan could give her an answer, a pretty voice called;

“I just finished t-touching it u-up.”

Ciela turned around, looking up at the Cacturne. The young girl thought that the older woman looked very pretty, with her rose tattoo coiling up her body and along her right arm. She held Teagan’s white coat in her arms.

“Ah -- thanks, Acacia,” the Bisharp murmured as the Grass ‘mon drew closer. She smiled gently, handing Teagan the cleaned coat.

Ciela promptly grabbed it, startling both Acacia and Teagan. She pulled the coat every which way, her brown eyes darting over it, seeking any splotches of red.

‘Any red…? Any red at all?’ she beamed happily and threw the coat up in the air, “NO RED SPOTS!!”

Her exclamation startled laughter out of the ‘mons in the apartment, save for Samehk who remained painfully neutral about the situation, though there was a sparkle of amusement in his visible eye.

“Ciela,” he spoke, pulling her hat off his head and placing it back on hers once he had strode over to the bed, “I do believe it’s best I get you back home. Your sister might be looking for you.”

Ciela pouted and grasped her hat in her hands, pulling it down over her face. She let off a small humming noise in complaint, then got up on her knees and outstretched her arms toward Samehk.

“Okay Sam…”

The smallest smile touched his lips and he picked up the small girl. She was granted to give Teagan one last hug in good-bye, and then she felt a startling cold overtake her.

Her fur was all bristled when Samehk appeared next to Orianna in the Telluriums living space.

“Ciela!” the Smeargle exclaimed once she’d gotten over her shock, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you!!”

“She just wanted to make sure my brother was alright,” Samehk explained as he handed Ciela over to her sister. Ciela noticed that Orianna’s eyes had almost dulled, her expression shifting from one of mild exasperation to one of worry.

“Don’t worry Ori!” Ciela piped up, attracting her sister’s attention, “Tea-bag is okay!! Astra went to see him too!”

“Oh ah-- th-that’s good!” Orianna said, laughing softly before looking up at Samehk, “thanks for bringing her back, Samehk.”

“My pleasure,” he replied, then he disappeared in a flicker of purple-red light.

Ciela gazed up at her sister - who was blushing - and was about to speak when Orianna turned a blazing goldenrod gaze to her.

“Aside from wanting to check on Teagan you took off because I have to clean out your ears didn’t you!?”

With a yelp, Ciela ducked under her sister’s legs and darted into the Boozehounds bar, “NO!! NO CLEANING MY EARS I DON’T LIKE IT!”

“CIELA GET BACK HERE!” Orianna cried, chasing after her little sister. Luckily the bar was mostly empty, though the few patrons there laughed at Ciela’s antics to escape her sister. It wasn’t until Orianna desperately requested Alistair’s help - or Licorice, as he was called often in the bar - and the Hawlucha vaulted the bar with ease. Within moments, Ciela was in his arms, complaining and whining and throwing a fit.

‘It always hurts when Ori cleans out my ears!’ she barked incessantly at her sister, and, chuckling, Alistair carried her back into the living space of the bar.
PMDU - Intermission - Innocent Tragedy (KV / SS)

Intermission: Teagan, Samehk, Ciela and Acacia.

Kennedia Vein.
Skeletal Star.

Mentioned characters: Astra (Wishful Crown).

*slowly trucks along* more incoming soon...

Teagan, Acacia, Samehk and Ciela are mine, Airanke.
Astra belongs to Wish, StarLynxWish 
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
PMDU - INTRO Home (DD) by Airanke

Start || Next.

Devour Dreamweaver.

I'll probably cameo anyone she's met so far in the first few pages... anyway. I'm gonna try and comic, and it's probably going to suck ass, but oh well, gotta' start somewhere I guess....

Ekaterina is mine, Airanke.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
Patron of Kyogre by Airanke
Patron of Kyogre
This piece is really huge for some reason and I don't know why. REGARDLESS, this was a lot of fun and was mostly me messing around with painting styles ahhh. Trying to find one that I like!

Eirian is mine, Airanke.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
Imperial by Airanke
THIS IS a new character he's a hybrid and but he's mostly a Smeargle but regardless he is mine.

Also yes is boy 100% through and through :'D Everyone here should know by now that I have a tendency to make really pretty boys //sob

Lionel is mine, Airanke.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
I'll have you know I haven't seen the post and I'm not going to look at it, because LOL if he thinks he can get my attention that easily.

I have a general understanding on what exactly is going on, but I am going to take the advice of most of my friends and avoid the post.

Unlike him I'll do something productive with my time instead of whining and complaining about something that doesn't even matter U w U

On top of that I'm so glad I got blocked by him because that means that I don't see annnnny of his stuff popping up in my messages~~~ Such a relief, really~~

Anyway!! Just wanted to put this out there U w U

And! To everyone out there who's doing something about it. You have my thanks u w u :heart:


To know her is to love her.
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