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Bubblegum Boys & Skeletal Star
Drunken Memoirs & Grave Revelations

Feral festivities.

’Where’s he gone off to?’

The thought crossed Dashiell’s worried mind as his gaze scoured the area, hoping to catch at least a glimpse of his friend’s darkly tinted fur. He couldn’t see Gage lying on any tree branches basking in the sun, so he turned his gaze back to the ground, hoping to spot him amongst the brush.

’C’mon, Gage! I know you ran off in this directi--- there you are!’ the Machoke cautiously approached the Smeargle. His tail was lashing back and forth, and his eyes were fixated on the apple bobbing area. He huddled up at the base of a tree, his arms pressed tightly against his chest while his legs were bent at the sides of his body. He somewhat resembled a Greninja when the frog-like Pokemon was crouched on the ground.

“Hey, Gage--!”

Dashiell jerked back when the Smeargle let out a guttural snarl, teeth bared and gums exposed. The Machoke swallowed, watching as Gage - letting off a continuous growl now - scaled the tree he had been resting at the bottom of.

’I-I guess he needs more time t-to relax… yeah...’

Sighing softly, Dashiell moved a safe distance away so as to not entice his friend to attack him. The Machoke took a set under a tree, from where he could see Gage. The Smeargle was lying on a broad branch now, his tail still flicking in an agitated manner.

’At least I’ll know that he’s calm when his tail stops flicking… but, damn. I need to remember that he’s still semi-feral...’ a frown crossed Dashiell’s lips and he squinted at the apple bobbing area. He couldn’t see any light brown and yellow specs, so he knew that Orianna and Ciela must have gone somewhere else.

’Come to think of it… does Orianna even know that Gage is semi-feral? I-I mean it kinda’ seems like she’s expecting him to like… I dunno… take some social cues...’ he sighed, tipping his head back, ’I should probably talk to a Psychic Pokemon or something about it. Maybe Saroja, since she’s at least as calm as I am... ‘

His frown deepened, and he thought back to when Orianna and Gage had first met. Gage was obviously attracted to her, often brushing his chin or his nose over her shoulders and neck, purring, wrapping his tail around hers - even though after the first time he’d suddenly gotten into her personal bubble the female had socked him one in the face. She’d left a nasty bruise to spread over his cheek.

’Though he doesn’t really do the brushing and purring and tail coiling now… I guess he learned that she didn’t like that but… from watching her body language she does, she just verbally tells him off… well...’ the Machoke clicked his tongue, glancing over at where Gage was. The Smeargle’s tail was still flicking.

’Not that I wanna’ say that she’s lying about not liking it. She might like it, but not the way Gage can be so aggressive about it. That, and I don’t really know what happened under that crate for like the two minutes they were under there, but knowing Gage… no,’ he chastised himself firmly, ’even if I know Gage better than Orianna does, that doesn’t mean I know everything about him. I don’t wanna’ assume the worst, but I have to be prepared for it to be the worst, even if… it’s something I know he wouldn’t do.’

Dashiell found that, with how quickly Gage was picking up on a more ‘civilized’ way to live, he often forgot that his Smeargle friend was still raised feral, and would probably always have those feral instincts burned into his memory.

’After all, you can’t just instantly unlearn something you were raised knowing,’ another glance at Gage revealed his tail was still twitching, ’Lucian only found him about two years ago, which means I’ve only known him a year longer than Orianna has. Which means there’s still a lot I don’t know and don’t understand… and probably, never will. Being that I wasn’t even raised feral. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to know how something works in the feral life that just doesn’t work in the civilized life. Like approaching females.’

The Machoke blew a breath at his brow, ’but he’ll… learn. He just needs some more time to adjust… I guess.’

Dashiell stayed under the tree until the sun started to go down, observing the area around him. Pokemon kept on coming and going from the apple bobbing, and the Machoke eventually stood, ’Gage should have calmed down by now, I think.’

He wandered over to the tree Gage was still perched in, relieved to see that the Smeargle’s tail was now hanging down limply as opposed to constantly twitching.

“Gage?” Dashiell called, and the Smeargle tipped his head to look down at him. He gave Gage a tentative smile, and staggered back when Gage jumped down from the tree.

There was a furious glint in his deep blue eyes and he snapped, “if you’re here to berate me for my fuckin’ behavior you can shut it.”

Dashiell’s brows narrowed back, “Gage, I wasn’t gonna’ berate you for anything--”

“It’s real fuckin’ frustrating that no one tells me when I do something wrong!”

Dashiell was silent, blinking at Gage.

’... wait. That’s right. We never tell him when he should back off. We just expect him to… automatically learn,’ he looked down at the ground, his brown gaze saddened at the realization, ’just like how Orianna expects him to behave in whatever way she…. I guess imagines him to.’

The Machoke raised his guilt filled chocolate gaze to look at Gage, who was positively seething from the way his eyes seemed to burn; but Dashiell could detect the subtle ticks in the Smeargle’s body language that revealed he was feeling low.

“Ah well… I’m sorry, Gage. I-I guess we thought you’d figure it out… or something… I mean not like we wanted to constantly be shoving in your face when you’d done somethin’ uh… I-I guess unacceptable? I mean cuz it ain’t like you’re a little kid.”

Gage heaved a heavy breath, lowering his head, every limb and muscle in his body drooping. It just made Dashiell feel all the more guilty, mentally berating himself for both remembering and forgetting that Gage was still deeply rooted in the feral mindset, and was still semi-feral as a result.

“Jus’ fuckin’ tell me when I fuck up…” Gage muttered, and Dashiell patted him on the shoulder.

“I’ll uh… try.”

“It’s not that hard to yell at me, is it?” the Smeargle jeered as the two started making their way back to the festival. Dashiell shrugged.

“I just don’t really see it as my place,” he admitted, “I’m not that much older than you, y’know. So I’m hardly the one who can tell you right from wrong… I guess you could mention it to Alistair or Lucian.”

Gage sighed, “probably Alice then… Luce is way too… I dunno.”



Dashiell nodded his head. He could get where Gage was coming from. Lucian was both too fatherly, and also, too nervous about telling others when they were right or wrong.

’Drink making is an entirely different story though. If you mess up he’ll make you do it all over again. Probably because he’s comfortable in that area. He’s not so… sure about himself and the whole idea of raising and teaching kids or somethin’...’

Briefly the Machoke’s thoughts drifted to Luella. If anyone could tell Gage how to behave around a girl, it would probably be her -- but Dashiell shook his head. Gage didn’t really seem to like Luella. Forcing the two to talk and help Gage work things out would most likely backfire.

The two wandered around the Ice Sculptures for some time before noticing that everyone else was making their way to the Bonfire pit. Briefly, Gage wandered over to a Litwick - Vivian - and a Kirlia - Angora - just to see how the girls’ day was at the Festival. Dashiell chose to hang back, and eventually Gage trotted up alongside him once more.

“Angora and Vivian are gonna’ tell some stories at the bonfire.”

“Ah that sounds… great!” the Machoke looked up and around, then steered Gage clear of a group that was clustered together. They were a variety of different types, and all of them had star tattoos with various symbols etched over top.

’Probably to indicate which section leader they report to,’ Dashiell thought to himself. He was about to ask Gage to sniff out Orianna and Ciela when he heard the latter’s voice screaming:


Instinctively the Machoke bent down to scoop up the Braixen as she flung herself at him. Gage rolled his eyes, and Dashiell released a gentle laugh.

“Where’s your sister sweets?” he asked her, and she gestured behind herself in the direction of the fire.

“Ori’s over there!! Cookie Cookie!!” she then turned her attention to Gage and he looked up at her with a distraught expression.

“Sweets please no don’t call me Cookie--”

“Are you okay?”

Both Gage and Dashiell blinked at her. There was genuine concern in her saturated, dual-colored brown eyes.

“Y-you seemed mad, Cookie, are you okay now?”

Gage ended up letting out a laugh that was half-way between amused and touched.

“Aw, yeah sweets, I’m okay. Hope I didn’t scare ya any!”

Ciela shook her head, then crossed her arms and pouted, “no! I’m mad at Ori.”

Gage seemed taken aback, “wh-- what’d Ori do?”

“She yelled at you! That wasn’t nice!”

Dashiell had to hold back a snort of laughter. How amusing it was to find that Ciela was - technically - on Gage’s side.

“Aw sweets,” Gage muttered, brushing his nose against her shoulder as Dashiell was holding her firmly in his arms, “thanks.”

The little Braixen giggled, pecking Gage on the forehead, “no problem Cookie!”

As the three headed to where Orianna was, Dashiell heard Gage mutter “though I do wish you’d stop callin’ me that” under his breath. He lightly elbowed the Smeargle and Gage pouted up at him, then laughed softly.

Once they reached Orianna, Gage settled down next to her and Ciela was happy to sit in Dashiell’s lap. He didn’t mind, though there was a considerable amount of tension rising off the two Smeargles an arm’s reach away from him.

’... thank goodness Ciela’s pretty much immune to all that tension. Uh,’ he released a light cough, knowing he was going to regret what he was about to say but:

“So uh, could you two maybe go get a room or somethin’?”

“D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DASHIELL!!!” Orianna screeched, whacking him with her soft tail, which caused Ciela to snap at her sister.

“Ori don’t hit Bubblegum w-with your tail!!”

Orianna was unable to speak and instead she made a variety of whimpers and groans and whines of embarrassment, her blush steadily increasing while Gage swatted at Dashiell’s leg with one hand.

Though there were the hints of blush on Gage’s cheeks, Dashiell could tell from the Smeargle’s now relaxed posture that Gage appreciated the distraction the joke provided, even if the implications behind it were less than innocent.

The bonfire was lit up soon enough, and as the night dragged on, Dashiell’s mind wandered.

He really couldn’t help getting distracted by the thoughts of what all the sudden gang members at the festival meant.

’A universally bad sign for us...’ was the only conclusion he came to, and then he forced himself to focus on Ciela, as the little Braixen was attempting to speak to him.
BB/SS - Frosty Festival (end).

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Collaboration between my two of my teams, Bubblegum Boys and Skeletal Star.

Bubblegum Boys
Written application.

Skeletal Star
Written application.

Vivian and Angora from Moonlit Candle.

Hrr and that's a wrap, now I can at least take my time with the events that happen AFTER the festival =_= ;

Orianna, Ciela, Luella, Gage, Dashiell, Lucian and Alistair are mine, Airanke.
Angora and Vivian belong to DJ-Dusk.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
Bubblegum Boys & Skeletal Star
Drunken Memoirs & Grave Revelations

Feral festivities.

Ciela kicked her feet excitedly. Orianna was going to paint a purple Butterfree on her face!!

’I’ve always love Butterfrees!’ she inwardly squealed, still fidgeting even after her sister returned with a paintbrush and a set of different purples, along with white and black.

“Goodness Ciela sit still!” Orianna exclaimed, a laugh in her eyes. Ciela stilled for a second, then fidgeted again and Orianna pulled the brush back, setting a hand on her hip.

“You want the Butterfree or not?” she questioned, one brow raised, an almost singsong touch to her voice. Ciela puffed out her cheeks, her ears flicking.

“S-Sorry Ori!” she peeped, then sat as still as she could. Her sister leaned down and started making the meticulous brush strokes. Ciela did her best to focus on the way her sister moved the brush.

’Up… around a-and in a swirl! And then a dot! More dots!!’ she giggled softly, ’it k-kinda’ tickles!! More swirls! And now down and, around m-my eye.’

She giggled again and patted her hand gently against Orianna’s arm, “it tickles!”

Orianna laughed softly, “of course it tickles silly! Hang on, I just need to do a few more things and I’ll be done.”

“O-Ori you paint fast!!” Ciela exclaimed, her ears perking right up. Orianna smiled at her. She was washing off her brush and picking out a purple color with a silvery sheen to it.

“Alright bouncy, settle down now~” the Smeargle purred, and Ciela settled, though her tail twitched with her excitement. A few more brush strokes later and Orianna stood up straight, admiring her work.

“And all done! Here,” Orianna turned and picked up a mirror for her sister to look into, and Ciela was so eager to see that she grabbed her sister’s hand - which was wrapped around the handle of the hand-held mirror - and jerked her over. The Smeargle released a startled laugh, and Ciela turned her head every which way to see the Butterfree from every angle.

“Ori Ori!! It’s so pretty! Thanks!!” Ciela chirped, looking up at her sister. Though there was a smile on Orianna’s lips, Ciela noted that her eyes were elsewhere, and now, her smile faded.

Ciela perked up immediately and looked around her sister, releasing her hold on the mirror. Orianna fumbled to catch it, squeaking under her breath, and Ciela waved exuberantly to Gage. The male Smeargle was nearby, leaning against one of the Avaluggs who had so graciously agreed to be a part of the furniture for the Avalodge.

He gave Ciela a wink while pursing his lips at the air; his action earned him a spill of giggles from the little girl.

’Look Cookie look!!’ she thought, gesturing to the Butterfree on her face. He appeared to chuckle, nodding his head at her, ’oh yay he sees it! Wait o-of course he can see it...’

A snort of annoyance sounded from Orianna as she finally managed to figure out what to do with mirror. She picked up Ciela and set her on the ground, grasping her hand, “c’mon Ciel, let’s go outside.”

“O-oh?” Ciela tilted her head in confusion, looking over at Gage and spotting Dashiell. She stared at the Machoke somewhat longingly; she enjoyed his company and he reminded her of Elohim and Exodus, though lacking the first’s accent and the latter’s more ancient way of speaking.

“B-but Cookie and Bubblegum--”

“Well I want to go outside,” Orianna expressed, and though she was clearly frustrated at the fact that Gage was there, Ciela didn’t miss that her sister was blushing slightly.

’Cookie must be staring again,’ Ciela decided, looking back at Dashiell with a crestfallen expression. He gave her a small wave and encouraging smile, then mouthed the words “we’ll find you” to the Braixen. She brightened up immediately, now looking ahead to see where her sister was taking her.

The two girls were not far from the exit and entrance of the Avalodge when a Sylveon appeared in their path, waving her feelers at them

“Helllooo~~” she said cheerily, giving them a smile. Ciela immediately returned her greeting.

“Hi Ribbons!”

“Ribbons?” the Sylveon purred, putting one such ribbon to her mouth, her different colored eyes lidded with curiosity, “that’s a cute name coming from a cutie like you~”

Ciela couldn’t help giggling but noticed that Orianna was wary of the Sylveon.

“So~~ Where might you two be off to~?” the Sylveon asked and Orianna moved slightly in front of Ciela. The Braixen pouted and peered around her sister’s leg.

“We’re g-going outside!!” Ciela informed her, earning herself a slight glare from her sister. Her ears flicked, but she otherwise ignored her sister’s mean look.

“Oh? That’s too bad, I was just coming in from being outside! But it’s a very nice day, mm-hm, you should pay a visit to the Ice Sculptures when you can~” she waved a ribbon at the girls, “ta-ta then!”

The Sylveon trotted away, and Ciela noticed that Orianna had a great deal of distrust in her eyes.

“She has an awfully large satchel…” the Smeargle muttered and Ciela tilted her head in confusion.

’Is that bad?’ she wondered, letting her sister lead her outside the Avalodge. Both girls were distracted by the sound of music and turned their attention to the right; obviously there was dancing going on over there. Ciela shuffled closer to her sister, ’w-well I don’t w-wanna’ go dancing...’

She looked up at Orianna, “i-is there anything e-else to do?”

“Hm… oh!” Orianna pointed to a sign with apples on it, “it looks like there’s apple bobbing over this way! C’mon Ciel!”

Ciela eagerly trotted ahead of her sister, though did her best not to go too fast. After all, it wouldn’t do for her to get lost in a festival as big as this one.


Gage lurked out of the Avalodge, his blue gaze and nose actively seeking out Orianna and Ciela. One of his ears twitched as Dashiell came up on his right.

“See ‘em anywhere?” Dashiell muttered, and Gage shook his head.

“No,” his voice was flat, and his mind was running, ’I just wanna’ know where those three are. Fuck if I don’t calm down I’m gonna’ start seein’ star tattoos everywhere. Calm down, calm down...’

The Smeargle straightened, lowering his tail to the ground. He exhaled deeply, and then inhaled through his nose.

’Ah! That’s sweets--- FUCKIN’ HELL!’ Gage darted off towards Ciela, earning himself a shout of surprise from Dashiell. Quickly Gage grabbed one of Ciela’s arms, causing her to yelp in confusion.

She had been about to talk to a vibrantly colored Gardevoir, her colored sections in a wave like pattern - and of course, a star tattoo with the roman numeral ‘12’ etched over it inked on her exposed thigh.

“Ha ha, hi there but, uh, c’mon sweets, okay, good-bye!” he laughed out nervously, tugging the confused Braixen away from the Gardevoir. She had a finger pressed to one of her lips, her gaze amused. He knew that Dashiell had grabbed Orianna as he could hear their muttered voices as Dash did his best to explain what was going on.

“My, my, what a cutie~”

The phrase was the last thing Gage heard as he led Ciela away, and it made him twitch uneasily, ’who the hell was she referrin’ to? Me or sweets…? Fuckin’...’

It was unnerving to hear such a phrase. Soon enough Gage was reunited with Dashiell. The Machoke had his arm around Orianna’s shoulders.

“All good?” he asked, and Gage nodded.

“Yeah. Aaaannyway, sorry about that sweets!” Gage crouched so he could look at the small Braixen more easily, “‘sides, there are more fun things to do than get distracted by some Gardevoir!”

His tail flicked in the direction of large, stout crates, no doubt used to hold the water and apples. Ciela squealed with delight and ran over to them. Orianna, naturally, broke away from Dashiell’s side, calling after her sister.

The two boys took their time sauntering over, though Orianna was positively struggling to keep her sister under even a small amount of control.

“I wanna’ apple bob!!” the Braixen exclaimed, thrashing in her sister’s arms.

“N-no!! I mean you’re so little! And I don’t think getting water all over your face and in your ears is a good idea!”

“B-But Ori that d-doesn’t make any s-sense! I have to get water on my face and and my ears to have a bath!”

“Yeah but this is different!!”

Gage snorted, ’geez Orianna, ya think you could just let your sister have fun for once...’

He crouched next to Orianna, a smirk on his lips, “so, you wanna’ bob against me Orianna?”

She turned a harsh glare on him, and the male cocked a brow, “well?”

Orianna released Ciela and the Braixen scurried over to Dashiell, complaining to him quite loudly about Orianna not letting her go apple bobbing. Gage kept his twilight gaze locked on Orianna’s sun colored one. She glared back at him and he sighed, standing up and turning.

“Well, if you’re too chicken to step up to the challenge~” he purred, his dark tipped tail swiping right under Orianna’s nose. She blushed furiously and scrambled backward on all fours, like a Krabby, and her glare was ferocious.

“W-WhAT HOW DID YOU EVEN COME TO THAT CONCLUSION!?” she shrieked, garnering attention from others around them. Gage chuckled and gestured to a nearby crate of apples.

“Your silence led me to it, doll~” he informed her, his tone jolly, ’might as well have some fun while I’m here. Well… she’s gonna’ be pissed at me later though.’

Orianna scrambled to her feet, positively seething now, “okay fine. You’re on.”

“Sweet~” the word came off with a growly sound to it, and he quickly strode to one side of the crate. Orianna knelt down on the other side, her gaze fixed on the water. Gage tilted his head to the side, noting that she looked almost… afraid of the water.

’... maybe this wasn’t a good idea,’ he thought, a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead, ’I know Orianna used to get int’ fights a lot ‘cuz of her ideals and stuff, maybe it was with a Water type?’

Gage was glad, at least, that he was feeling cheeky. As Orianna raised her head to ask him how many apples they were supposed to bob for within whatever amount of minutes, the male Smeargle set his hands on the edge of the crate.

“Gage what--- GAGE NO--!!”

Her screech was the last thing he heard as he had effortlessly kicked himself up into a handstand on the side of the crate before bringing his knees to his chest and letting his tail swing out. The momentum caused him to topple into the crate, sending apples and water flying everywhere with the large splash he made.

Orianna was sputtering when he managed to fix focus his eyes on her, though she looked greatly upset with him.

“Oh my GOSH Gage what is wrong with yo--?!” she leaned back as Gage sat upright in the crate, bringing the two Smeargles face to face.

“Jus’ havin’ some fun, doll,” he purred; it was a rough sound, and closer still to a growl, then he placed his feet against the edge of the crate and stood. The crate went vertical; Orianna screamed at him that he better not dare -

But Gage did dare, and within seconds he had toppled onto her and the crate bobbled into place over top, blocking out the sun and curious stares.

There was little space to move around but Gage quickly rolled off Orianna and her foot connected solidly with the bottom - now the top - of the crate.

“Ugh Gage!! For once, you know, I thought that maybe you’d be, I don’t know, pleasant?!”

A soft huff escaped him, ’annnd here she goes, on one of her tirades,’ he half-listened to what she was snapping at him, ’I guess Dash was distracted by Ciela. That’s probably why he didn’t stop me,’ now Orianna was going on and on how he didn’t act like a gentleman at all, that perhaps he could learn a thing or two from Dashiell.

That caught his attention and he finally focused back on Orianna, noting her closeness but sensing her obvious hostility, and both that and her words were setting him on edge. His hair started to stand on end.

’I’ve gone and done it now. But what does that even mean? Act like a gentleman? What’s a fuckin’ gentleman anyway?!’ a low growl escaped him, one that Orianna didn’t notice, ’stop using words I don’t fuckin’ understand!!

“You know you’re probably not going to be even half the man that -- that even Samehk is and I don’t even know that guy!!”

Gage, sick of Orianna’s thoughtless, confusing words already, dug his fingers into the grassy ground as she compared him to someone that neither of them even had a clue about.

In one swift move he silenced her, pressing his lips roughly to hers. Truthfully, he had no idea what else he should do.

He’d never been around anyone who had decided to teach him what was proper and what wasn’t, after all.


Orianna was stunned to silence. Sure, Gage had been shockingly forward when they first met, always getting way too close and purring at her, coiling his tail around hers on a few occassions.

All of that happened, though, after their initial meeting which had resulted in her slapping - no, punching him in the cheek.

As the memory of that day came rushing back to her, Gage pulled back, and she let out an embarrassed yelp.

’Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you jerk!!’ she inwardly screeched, and fisted her left hand. The only difference between this moment and the first time they met, was that her fist, grass and needles billowing around her arm, collided with the bottom of the crate, shattering it to pieces.

Gage immediately lurched to all fours and jumped back, his tail whipping out in an agitated manner. Orianna scrambled to her feet, her face a brilliant red. Upon seeing the snarl on his lips and the livid, animal look in his eyes, Orianna found herself horribly startled.

’Wh-what’s with that look? He looks like he’s gonna’ attack me!’ in her panic, the female began to berate the male crouching menacingly in front of her, “w-what’s wrong with you Gage?! W-why would you just do that to me i-it’s not the way you should act you know?! Geez you’re such a- a-” she brought her hands close to her chest, lips quivering at the sight of the sharp claws that appeared to have formed at the tips of his fingers.

“You’re such a scoundrel, honestly!!”

“Orianna, don’t, stop, please, don’t yell at him!” Dashiell suddenly appeared in her vision and she gasped, stepping back.

“W-what but he--”


“Well somebody’s gotta’ tell him when he’s acting like a good for nothing--”

“Orianna please.”

There was a desperate look in the Machoke’s face that Orianna had never seen before. Confused, she held her tongue. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and then she spotted Gage slinking off - on all fours - toward the trees. A stream of growls seemed to be escaping past his lips, and he snarled and lashed out at a Pokemon who ventured closer to him. He scampered off - still on all fours - and Orianna turned her gaze back to Dashiell.

“Dash, what’s… why’s he acting… what’s wrong with him?”

’Why can’t he just act… I dunno, normally!?’ she questioned, expecting an answer from the Machoke though he didn’t quite know what to say, given that he was wide-eyed and worried, his gaze somewhat shifty.

“That… well… Orianna, there’s nothing wrong with him,” he said, an edge to his voice. Orianna pressed her lips together. She could tell she was stepping over a line, and Dashiell was Gage’s friend. Of course he would defend him.

“But he’s--”

“Look, Ori, I don’t know what happened, Ciela wanted to go see what some Hitmonchan was doing ‘cuz he was,” he looked off to the woods, worry gathering in his expression once again before he turned his gaze back to Orianna, and it regained it’s frustrated edge, “he was making water float and- I just heard you yell then the two of you were under the crate but-!” he held a finger up just in front of Orianna’s mouth to stop her from talking.

“But Gage’s - there’s nothing wrong with him okay? He was just…” a frustrated sigh escaped the Machoke and Orianna was extremely confused by his behavior. She’d never seen him so guarded.

“It’s not my place to tell you,” he finally decided to say, and before she could ask him why he couldn’t, the Machoke started off in the direction Gage had gone, his pace brisk.

Orianna lowered her hands, watching Dashiell go, ’Gage is what? He doesn’t even act like a normal Pokemon!! He just… does what he wants and gets into my personal space and if he really likes me then he shouldn’t be doing that!!’

Flustered and equally frustrated, Orianna kicked at the ground, breathing deeply, ’well… well! I guess it’s good I didn’t punch him this time… and it was just out of reflex but... ‘

She closed her eyes tightly at the sound of Ciela’s voice, “Ori?? Ori Ori what happened? Why’d Bubblegum go off like that? Where’s Cookie?”

“Um…” Orianna turned and placed her hands on her thighs, bending a little to talk to her distressed looking littler sister. Her brows were narrowed back and her ears flicked low. Even her little mouth hung open in an almost triangular shape.

“Well… I-I guess I um… maybe made Cookie a little edgy!!” the laugh Orianna released was obviously forced, “he - he startled me, that’s all, and I punched the crate and it kinda’ blew up! Ha ha, so um, Dashiell went to go find him!”

Ciela looked unconvinced, and it became difficult to look her in the eye.

“Ori… Ori I thought you liked G--”

“Don’t be silly!” Orianna interrupted, giving her sister the fakest smile she ever had, closed eyes and all, “c’mon, let’s go look at the Ice Sculptures or something! I’m sure Cookie and Bubblegum will be able to find us!”

“... okay Ori,” Ciela mumbled, though clearly the Braixen was disappointed at being separated from Gage and Dashiell. Orianna held out her hand to Ciela and the Braixen gripped her fingers loosely. Orianna bit her lip.

’And now I’ve upset Ciela… but I didn’t do anything wrong! Gage is the one...’ she frowned at the ground as she led her sister away, ignoring the stares other Pokemon were giving her, ’it’s his fault… always being so pushy and aggressive, that’s no way to act!! No he should -- he should get flowers or something! O-or a card, or a rose or...’

The Smeargle’s ears drooped. How hard could it be for him to at least act like he knew how to court a girl?

Sighing softly, she looked up at the sky, her gaze unfocused.

’... … the kiss was nice though...’
BB/SS - Frosty Festival (part 2).

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Collaboration between my two of my teams, Bubblegum Boys and Skeletal Star.

Bubblegum Boys
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Skeletal Star
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Orianna, Ciela, Luella, Gage, Dashiell, Lucian and Alistair are mine, Airanke.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.

Bubblegum Boys & Skeletal Star
Drunken Memoirs & Grave Revelations

Feral festivities.

“Daaaaaaddy!!” Ciela exclaimed, racing up to the doorway. Orianna couldn’t help giggling softly as her father - Boaz - crouched to scoop Ciela up into his arms. The Hitmonchan had a wide grin on his face, and as he turned into the house Orianna heard the familiar key jingling and metal scraping sounds of her two brothers.

“How goes your time within the city walls, sister dearest?” the lower voice came from Exodus, her Aegislash sibling whom she’d Sketched King’s Shield from.

’He always wanted to make sure I could protect myself and Ciela if he wasn’t there to,’ she reached her arms out to the sword; he responded by uncoiling his sash arms from his body and wrapping those silken arms around her as well. The hug was not brief, and Orianna took a great deal of comfort in pressing herself against his cool steel body.

’Exodus did always give the best hugs,’ she pulled away and looked up into his warm purple eye, finally answering his question, “well, it’s going alright so far. We haven’t participated in too much yet, but we met quite a handful of new and interesting ‘mons!”

“And how’s it goin’ wit’ y’know Gage and Dashiell and th’ Telluriums’?”

Orianna pouted at Elohim, then playfully reached over and waved her hand about under his keys. The Klefki let out a laugh then darted backward, glowering at her, “oi oi oi c’mon now Ori-ann! Don’t go doin’ tha’ ‘ey? Jus’ tell me!”

“Hm it’s… okay. I don’t know, to my knowledge they haven’t, like… well… been involved with anything,” she muttered, kicking at the ground. Exodus and Elohim were silent, but then Exodus patted Orianna gently with one of his hands.

“I guess things are still quite strained between you and the male Smeargle. We best make haste back inside. Mother and father are patiently waiting.”

Orianna frowned at the ground, but nodded her head, ’I guess he’s… right. Things are still tense with Gage. I was sure he would’ve figured it out by now...’

Sighing, she followed her brothers into the house, where she was greeted by her mother Ruth. The Ditto turned ‘female’ Hitmontop scooped Orianna up off the floor, hugging her close.

“How’s my darling eldest daughter!” she exclaimed joyfully, and Orianna couldn’t help releasing a childish giggle at her mother’s antics.

“I’m doing good!” she replied, “Exodus and Elohim helped.”

Ruth laughed, “that’s good! You have older brothers who make it their duty to look after you, after all.”

“I do!”

“She sure do,” Elohim agreed, his keys jingling as he seemed to swell with pride. Exodus rolled his eyes, but from the way his lower lid curled up Orianna knew he was smiling.

’Smiling to the best of his ability of course,’ she laughed inwardly as her mother set her down, ’since he doesn’t really have a mouth he can physically smile with.’

“Alright well time for lunch!” the Hitmontop announced.

Naturally, at the table, Ciela was seated happily in Boaz’s lap. As Ruth passed him she gave him a peck on his middle horn. A soft chuckle escaped him then he went back to paying attention to Ciela. The little Braixen was busy stuffing her face with carrots.

Orianna helped her mother bring the food to the table, while Exodus made quick work of putting down plates and silverware. Elohim got glasses and drinks. For the first moments, lunch was spent in relative silence. Orianna observed each of her family members for a few minutes. Exodus had allowed a mouth of sharp teeth to form a little ways below his eye. With that he munched on what looked to be metal scraps. Elohim was busy eating his meal in small bites, using a spoon and fork key on his key ring. Ciela was busy attempting to feed their father a spoonful of mashed potatoes, and like the good sport he was Boaz was letting her try - though he soon snatched the spoon from Ciela and fed himself.

“Daddy!” Ciela complained, and Boaz laughed.

“Well why don’t you feed me something like a carrot?”

Orianna smiled as Ciela happily complied, her large tail sweeping against the floor.

The Smeargle's golden eyes then turned to her mother, Ruth.

Truthfully Orianna had never seen her mother in any other forms aside from her Ditto and Hitmontop forms. It was due to that that Orianna had always thought that no matter what, there was an equal amount of distribution between the females of a species and the males of a speices.

Of course she had been wrong, but when it came down to it, Orianna had fought viciously to defend the fact that yes, her mother was in fact female and was a Hitmontop. That entire fight was part of the reason Exodus insisted she Sketch his King's Shield – so that she could protect herself without needing hurt someone, or get hurt herself.

'That was before I found out mother was a Ditto, actually,' she sighed softly, looking back down at her plate to contemplate whether to eat a forkful of potatoes, or a piece of the fleshcap, 'after that she and father decided they better explain to me about the fact that because mother was a Ditto, she could actually be anything she wanted – she even turned into a male Hitmontop to prove it but being in that form made her so uncomfortable...'


Orianna raised her head, her eyes focused on her father. There was a hint of concern in his eyes, “are you alright?”

“Oh uh-- y-yeah! I was just thinking, that's all...”

The Hitmonchan's brows narrowed back, but he didn’t ask Orianna anything more on the subject. Ciela had distracted his attention once again and now he was cutting up a larger fleshcap for the little girl.

Orianna went back to picking at her plate, her appetite lost after the memories that had come back to her, ’and then, on top of that, because I’m determined to make everyone see things my way, my favorite forms to go into are all ones that aren’t known to have… females within their species.’

“Say, say Ori-ann-” the Smeargle lifted her head to look at Elohim “- how’s y’know ya Transformin’ comin’ along? I know ye c’n’t really change int’ ‘nythin’ tha’ aint’ humanoid.”

Orianna pressed her lips together, then set down her fork, “well I-I’m getting better at solitary control. Like changing my arms--”

“Into biiiiig Machoke arms!! Like Bubblegum!!” Ciela interrupted, then quickly covered her mouth with both hands before she spat out all her food in excitement. Orianna blinked at her sister, the smallest smile crossing her lips as Ciela swallowed and stood up in Boaz’s lap, “and and and she helped Tea-bag fix a cart!!”

“Ciela!” Orianna whined, shaking her head, then looked at her mother with sheepish eyes, “Tea-bag’s name is actually Teagan. He’s a Bisharp we met, and he has a brother named Samehk who’s… a Kirlia. And he is ridiculously tall. Impossibly tall, and--” she blushed involuntarily, causing her father to get her a suspicious, one eyebrow raised look, “I-I mean we’ve met a Ralts named Kalaghata but he’s unnaturally tall for a Ralts, and his partner, a Kirlia named Saroja. Kal’s th-the same height as her. And then there’s Gage and Dashiell… I mean you know, we’re staying at the big boarding house with them and Lucian, Alistair, Luella, Shauntel… oh and! We met a Fennekin named--”

“TINY!!” Ciela yelped, “TINY ASTRA!!”

Ruth laughed, shaking her head while Exodus buried his ‘face’ in his large ribbon hands, “oh heavens this child…”

“You’ve made quite a handful of new friends!” Boaz beamed, and Orianna couldn’t help but return her father’s smile, “so let me get this straight, you met Kalaghata, a Ralts, Saroja and Samehk who are both Kirlia, a Fennekin named Astra and a Bisharp named Teagan.”

Orianna nodded her head as Ciela whispered to their father about how he wouldn’t believe that Astra was even smaller than she was, then went on to tell her father each of their new friends’ respective nicknames: Cobalt, Pale Blue, Sam, Tiny and Tea-bag.

“Oh! Actually we also ran into another Braixen named Aimi, and her… bodyguard of sorts Connor. He was a Furfrou. He scared Ciela,” the Smearlge muttered the last bit, still miffed at the Furfrou for acting the way he did when the four of them first met.

“Curly and Angry fluff ball!”

Everyone at the table held back laughter at Ciela’s choice of nickname for Connor, though Orianna wondered what Samehk had done to actually get himself the most normal nickname.

’Maybe she just really likes him or something,’ she decided, then turned her gaze to her mother, “s-so anyway. Back to my Transform… I still can’t really change color all that well unless I do solitary transforming. My paint changes colors now though.”

“Oh it does?” Ruth had perked up at the mention.

“Yeah! Well when Ciela and I ran into Connor and Aimi, uh, cuz he scared her I instinctively turned my arms into Gallade arms, and my paint turned green. I-I mean it’s possible that happened before too, I just never noticed.”

“That’s wonderful!”

Orianna swelled a little, ecstatic to hear the pride in her mother’s voice. She’d Sketched Transform from her, after all, and after Orianna nearly broke her own back from trying to Trasnform into a quadroped, Ruth had always been nervously keeping track of her daughter’s progress.

“I haven’t tried Transforming into another quadroped since I nearly broke my back so, you don’t have to worry mom. I know better, I wouldn’t try that without you or dad or Exodus around, cuz I know there’s no one else that would really be able to help me with getting out of that kind of mess, and I would panic too and make it worse so…”

Exodus’ arms suddenly wrapped around Orianna and she could feel the coldness from his sword body as he leaned against her. She immediately took comfort in the action, then she and the Aegislash set about clearing off the table. Boaz carried Ciela off upstairs.

“Orianna!” he called and she quickly passed the plates in her arms off to Elohim who had no trouble carrying them, and darted to the bottom of the stairs.

“Yeah dad?”

“When you’re done clearing the table, just come upstairs. I want to show you how to clean out Ciela’s ears.”


Hurriedly Orianna helped her mother clear the serving dishes off the table, then hurried upstairs to her parents’ bedroom. She could hear Ciela’s muffled complaints and her father’s soothing words.

“I know you don’t like it Ciela but you can’t have soot building up in your ears,” Orianna padded into the room as her father spoke, “even if you can’t use fire at all, your body will still make some soot as a basis for you to burn off.”

“Nnn…” Ciela’s head was tipped to the side. Orianna stood near Boaz, noting how he held Ciela’s ear back slightly so that he could get to the inside of it. The cloth he was using was a little wet, and he had a bowl of water next to him, sitting on the bedside table. He was making careful circular motions, wiping away the black soot that built up in Ciela’s ears overtime.

“So uh… how often do her ears need to be cleaned?” Orianna piped up, looking up at her father. A smile tugged at his lips as he dipped a clean part of the cloth in the water and proceeded to clean out Ciela’s ears more.

“Ideally once a week - at the very least. I think when it gets colder her body will naturally start producing more small amounts of charcoal, so make sure you keep plenty of sticks around for her to munch on. It will help feed the fire in her body, but of course, will generate more soot. The fact that she can’t burn off the charcoal residue properly is what causes it to become soot in the first place.”

Orianna nodded her head, and her father continued, tipping Ciela’s head to the other side so he could clean out her left ear, “sometimes there is little to no soot build up. That’s especially true if she doesn’t eat sticks. However she needs to eat sticks to at least keep her body temperature normal. Too many sticks and she’ll overheat, and soot will fall out of her ears. For the most part, if you check her ears at the end of the week and there’s only a little bit of soot build up, clean it out anyway. Better safe than sorry hm?” he gave Ciela’s cheek a pinch and she whined.

“Okay, I’ll check her ears at the end of next week then. Which works out pretty good since it’s Friday today.”

Boaz chuckled and Ciela hopped down from the bed, scurrying off downstairs calling for Elohim. The Hitmonchan then set a heavy hand on Orianna’s shoulder.

“You haven’t had more trouble with Gage, have you?”

Orianna’s ears shot up in surprise, then she quickly shook her head, wrapping her arms around her father’s waist and pressing her face against his abdomen.

“N-no, um well… no, just, earlier I was thinking back to when you and mom explained to me that she was a Ditto…”

“Oh darling,” he murmured, leaning over her so he could hug her more easily, “that happened long in the past.”

The Smeargle said nothing, just pressed her face more against his stomach.

Minutes later, Boaz and Orianna made their way back downstairs. The two girls said goodbye to their family and headed back toward Andalusst. As they went, several other Pokemon darted by, a few that Orianna recognized.

They were chattering excitedly about some Festival and Orianna quickly grabbed Ciela’s hand to prevent her from taking off after them.

’A festival huh?’ she smiled down at Ciela, ’sounds like fun! I should definitely take Ciela there.’


Dashiell huffed as he carried two large crates of glasses into the back section of the bar at the Avalodge. Gage trailed behind him, carrying a crate of his own.

“You need a hand with one of those, Dashiell?”

The gruff voice belonged to Alistair, a dark Hawlucha of the shiny variation. His back feathers were black and the ventral part of his wing was bright red. Dashiell deliberated, then nodded his head.

“If you don’t mind, Alice.”

The Hawlucha shook his head and easily took one of the crates from the Machoke. Though Dashiell was strong enough to carry both, he’d been carrying crates back and forth all morning, and now his muscles were feeling the strain.

“Gage, come over here,” Lucian’s voice caught Dash’s attention and he looked over to see what the elegant Zangoose wanted with Gage. The Smeargle went over, his tail swishing excitedly and Dash could see that Lucian had set out a few items often used to make drinks. The Machoke leaned against the counter.

’Looks like he’s gonna’ show Gage some more basics, judging from what he’s got set out already,’ the Machoke mused, crossing his arms over his chest. He would take a breather for now.

The Zangoose lifted a cocktail shaker out from under the counter and after setting it down, dropped some ice cubes into it. Gage watched closely of course, and Lucian looked up at him, his eyes and expression emotionless as usual.

“As you know we usually put ice in first. That’s to make sure…”

“The whole drink is chilled,” Gage finished, and Lucian’s mouth twitched at one side.

“Good. I’ll make a basic Sex on the Beach, since it’s a relatively easy drink to learn,” Lucian continued, his voice modulate. It was always nice to listen to Lucian speak, as his voice was pleasant on the ears and controlled.

Gage’s tail flicked again in excitement and he paid close attention to the Zangoose. Lucian picked up a bottle of vodka and poured that into the shaker. He stopped, then picked up the bottle of peach schnapps, dashing some of that in as well.

’Next is creme de cassis,’ Dashiell thought, watching as Lucian poured exactly that, ’and then orange juice and cranberry juice.’

Lucian poured both juices in at the same time, stopped pouring them at the same time, and put the cap on. He pushed the shaker to Gage, nodding at him, “shake it up. No need to do anything fancy.”

Gage snatched the shaker and held it easily in one hand, one finger on the cap and the rest of his hand wrapped around it. He gave the drink a good shake and set the stainless steel shaker back down. Lucian popped off the top with a claw and set the strainer on top, pouring the drink into a highball glass next to Gage’s arm. Lastly, he stuck a cherry and a slice of orange on the rim.

“And there you go. Sex on the Beach.”

The Smeargle’s tail wagged in delight and Dashiell pushed away from the counter, having caught the slight nod Lucian gave him.

“C’mon Gage, we’ve still got more stuff to move in,” he called, heading back outside to get the remaining crates, these ones full of juice and pop for the younger population of Andalusst.

“Huh-- oh yeah! Comin’ Dash!”

The two managed to finish the task just as more and more Pokemon started pouring into the Avalodge. Gage stuck his nose in the air as he and Dash lingered in the bar area, then turned his head to the face-painting section.

“Orianna and Ciela are here,” he muttered, and Dashiell turned his head as well to seek out the two girls. Orianna had her back to them, but she was easy to spot in her purple vest. Ciela’s hat was no where to be seen, so he assume that they had either left her hat at their parents’ house or that the hat was in their room at the boarding house he and the rest of the Tellurium’s lived in.

’I’m still surprised they chose to hang out with us and the rest of the gang,’ Dash thought to himself, shaking his head a little as Ciela seemed to making it very difficult for her sister to paint her face.

Suddenly, a dark shadow swerved toward the two and Luella popped out of the ground. She placed one hand against Dashiell’s chest, but one look at her expression told the Machoke she wasn’t here to tease.

“They’re on the prowl,” she said, her voice low, “you best keep an eye on Ciela. You know that if she sees one of them, she’ll want to go say hi. I’ve noticed they have a lot of underlings running around, and a good number of sect leaders. Stay vigilant.”

The lanky Sableye sunk back into the floor and before Dash could ask Gage was already sniffing at the air, his blue eyes shifty.

’This is a sudden amount of activity from them,’ Dashiell thought, setting a worried gaze in the direction of Orianna and Ciela, where the female Smeargle was finally getting somewhere with painting Ciela’s face.

“Hey, Dash. Those two Scrafty twins are here,” Gage hissed, a growl rumbling in his throat as he casually flicked his tail in the general direction of the two Scrafties.

Dasheill glanced over at them. The female was a shiny, and she had the star tattoos with the roman numeral ‘12’ inked overtop on both of her forearms. The male, Dash had run into before and the result… hadn’t been all that pretty.

’If it wasn’t for Alistair I would have come out of that fight with more than a few cuts and bruises,’ the Machoke swallowed. He knew that the male went by the title ‘Gem’, and his star tattoo was on the back of his neck. He too had the roman numeral ‘12’ inked overtop of it.

’Wait if he’s called Gem and his twin sister is a leader too then… would that make her Ini?’ he blinked, then started.

Gem was looking at him now. Dashiell could only stare back, a bead of sweat running down his forehead.

Then the Scrafty sneered.

’Shit. Shit he recognizes me,’ Dashiell quickly looked away, but form the way that Gage growled he knew that the Scrafty was either already making his way over or was leering.

“Ah shit, there’s a Gardevoir with them now,” Gage muttered, then he grabbed Dash’s arm, pulling him away, “c’mon Dash, let’s go before all three of them decide to come over here.”

“R-right that’s a good idea,” Dashiell stuttered, allowing Gage to drag him off into the more crowded section of the Avalodge.

’W-we need to find Ciela and Orianna, a-and keep them close,’ the Machoke again swallowed nervously, muttering to Gage to sniff out the two girls. Lucian had always told him it was better to be safe than sorry, and Dashiell was eager to have the two girls close to him and Gage, especially since Lucian and Alistair would be busy at the bar, helping the Ambassador serve drinks.
BB/SS - Frosty Festival (part 1).

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Collaboration between my two of my teams, Bubblegum Boys and Skeletal Star.

Bubblegum Boys
Written application.

Skeletal Star
Written application.

Characters mentioned
Astra from Wishful Crown.
Aimi and Connor from Crimson Oath.
Teagan (and Samehk) from Kennedia Vein.
Kalaghata and Saroja from Caerulea Woden.

I have this all planned out, I just need to write the next two parts and then I'm free of Frosty Festival stuff hhhh.

Orianna, Ciela, Boaz, Ruth, Exodus, Elohim, Luella, Gage, Dashiell, Lucian, Alistair, Gem, Ini and Virgo (Kalaghata, Teagan, Samehk and Saroja) are mine, Airanke.
Astra is Wish's, StarLynxWish.
Aimi and Connor are Zyoko's, Hawkein.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
Caerulea Woden & Kennedia Vein
Psychotropic Nymphaea & Wavering Alloy

As cold as your heart.

Saroja was still confused by Kal’s behavior, and just as she mustered up the courage to ask him about it Narcissus called out to her. She looked over at him, her expression distressed.

“Oh,” he stopped by her side, looking over at Kal and Saroja knew he noted that the two were holding hands, “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

“No,” Kal said, looking up at the Greninja, “what’re you doin’ back over here?”

“Well they’re going to be lighting up the bonfire soon,” the Greninja informed them, “I was about to head back to the cottage to get Jezebel. We’ll probably arrive after it’s been lit, since the sun hasn’t gone down completely yet and it’s still a struggle to get Jezebel to come out in the sun.”

Saroja tilted her head, “Jezebel doesn’t like the sun?”

Narcissus only smiled at her in response.

The Ralts and Kirlia followed Narcissus as he led the way over to the bonfire, then he immediately departed.

’He’d promised Jezebel, after all,’ Saroja reminded herself, ’that he would go get her and bring her to see the bonfire.’

Not too long after the two had arrived did a group of Fire types set the stack of logs ablaze. Saroja admired the spouting flames for a while before being pulled away from the warmth by Kalaghata.

After a good five minutes of searching, Kalaghata finally chose to settle a good distance from the fire. In turn, Saroja wished they were sitting closer, ’it looks like they’re telling stories over there...’

Ten minutes after the bonfire had been lit, Narcissus returned with Jezebel. He and the Lopunny seated themselves not too far from where Saroja and Kal were, though the two larger Pokemon were still quite a distance from the fire.

Saroja sighed softly, gazing longingly at the closeness between the Greninja and Lopunny. Jezebel was sit snugly between Narcissus’ legs, leaning comfortably against his chest. Nar himself didn’t appear too bothered by Jezebel’s desire to be so close to him.

The pale Kirlia cast a side glance at Kalaghata, hoping not to catch his attention with the action, ’maybe one day…’

A frown crossed her lips as bitter thoughts bit back ’or perhaps, never, what with the sheer amount of negative emotions coming off dear Nami right now.’

Saroja shook her head, and though she wanted to hug her knees to her chest she kept herself sitting proper on the ground - on her shins, to be exact, her hands folded in her lap.

The negativity from Kalaghata soon distracted Saroja’s attention once again and she looked over at him, about to ask him what was wrong when suddenly he outstretched one of his arms towards her. His hand was held in a tight fist, and Saroja blinked, worry rising up in her throat like bile.

“I found this,” he stated flatly. Shakily Saroja raised her left hand, holding it palm up and open under Kal’s closed fist. He dropped the object within his grasp into her hand, and upon feeling the familiar weight, Saroja dropped the ring to the ground. She jerked her hand back towards her chest, clasping her hands together, glaring at the ring with such distress that anyone else would assume she had been burned by the offending piece of jewelry.

’... he did… he did find it… he found it...’ panic took over once again and Saroja fearfully raised her gaze to find Kal’s dark eye fixed on fire ahead. His emotions had at least evened out from swirling negativity to a neutral sort of anger - but whether or not it was directed at her, she couldn’t be sure.

“Who’s it from, Saroja?” he finally asked, his voice quiet. Saroja’s lips trembled. She did not want to tell him.

’But what’s… the point?’ she thought back to what Narcissus had told her, that Kal wasn’t one who was particularly fond of being lied to, ’he found it so I… I should just… tell him the… the truth.’

The feat was much easier said than done, but Kal was being more than patient with her. No doubt he could tell she was having an inner debate on whether or not she should reveal whom had given her the ring.

“It’s… it’s from s-someone I… someone I never wanted… anything to do with.”

It was the best she could do. Considering that Kal’s eye lightened in color and drifted back into the orange spectrum, her attempt was at the very least appreciated by her Psychic companion.

“Saroja are you… betrothed…?” this question was as quiet as the first, and if the Kirlia could go any paler it was at that moment that she did.

“It’s obviously an engagement ring,” he added, turning his head to finally look at her, his expression somewhere between being distressed and neutral.

Again, Saroja fumbled for words, but it was taking almost all of her willpower to force herself not to cry, “I was betrothed against my will. That’s why I don’t wear it.”


’She’s trying damn it, it’s not like you can expect her to just up and fuckin’ tell you everything because not even you would do that!’

Despite mentally chastising himself Kal couldn’t stop the next sentence from tumbling out of his mouth as a means to counter her claim that Saroja was really betrothed against her will;

“But you keep it with you!”

The words came out in a harsh whisper. Her lips pressed together firmly before she opened her mouth to speak.

“You don’t understand,” it was a tormented sound, quiet and painful. Saroja took a breath, her next words coming out on the exhale, “I keep it because I’m scared.

Kal stared at her, ’who were you even betrothed to that scares you this badly?’

Her emotions revealed just how frightening the ring was to her.

“If you’re that scared then why did you fu-” for once, the Ralts caught himself, and lowered the volume of his voice to something softer, “why did you accept it? Couldn’t you have just rejected the guy?”

Saroja’s tormented emotions spiked further, and Kal released a low growl, his brows narrowed back. He picked up on the presence of another of his species, but whoever they were seemed to opt to keep their distance.

“I dont’ want to talk about it anymore, Nami,” she said.


“I don’t,” she insisted, her hands trembling. He hadn’t even realized that she had dropped to one side, supporting herself on her arms.

Kalaghata’s ears flicked back. He needed to know, if not for his sake but for hers--

A sharp glare made Kal hesitate. His gaze shifted to Narcissus and he saw that the dark ‘mon was giving him such a glower that the cobalt Ralts decided he never wanted to be on the receiving end of it again.

He settled back, swallowing lightly. Narcissus’ red eyes continued to sear into the Ralts’ skin until his expression softened and he turned his attention back to Jezebel.

Not too long after that Kal could sense Saroja reaching for his hand. He turned his gaze back to her, jolting a little as her fear threatened to overtake him as well. He let her grip his hand, though he soon became alarmed when her grip increased ten-fold.

’Holy fuckin’ shit is she that scared?’

Weak sobs came from the Kirlia and Kal instinctively pulled her to his chest, his deep rooted desire to protect her kicking in. She clung to him desperately, her face pressed against his collarbone as she struggled to keep her crying to a minimum.


Jezebel was blissfully unaware of the going-ons between the Kirlia and Ralts, though Narcissus was ever-vigilant. One of his ears twitched as he picked up on the sounds of crying, and one peek over his shoulder assured him he had nothing to worry about as Kal had opted to comfort the Kirlia.

’Good to know that, at least,’ he mused, turning his attention back to Jezebel when she reached out her hands toward the fire.

“Warm…” she muttered, then her ears dropped more than usual as she whispered, “just like Proteus was…”

Narcissus tilted his head to one side, and his action caught Jezebel’s attention. She looked up at him, yellow eyes wide with wonder.

“Did I ever tell you about him, flower?”

The Greninja shook his head, then pushed off his hands and draped them over his knees so that he was partially leaning over the Lopunny. She reached up to touch his face as she spoke of this Proteus fellow.

“Proteus, he was… he was a Scrafty, I think.”

A frown touched Nar’s lips.
“When I was in the fog, he kept managing to find me, even though I hid all the time, especially when it was daylight.”

The name wasn’t unfamiliar to the Greninja, no - many times in her sleep, Jezebel had woken him with her sudden, incessant mutterings of the name Proteus.

“And then there was a moment when things weren’t right. He was in the past and I was in the present,” her words were such a mystery to the Greninja, because despite her childlike nature her words were more mature than one would expect, “there was a misunderstanding. He kissed me with a fierce aggression. There was so much anger in the action that I could taste it while his lips crushed mine from the force behind the action,” she looked up at Narcissus, her eyes bright, “but his fingers were digging into my skull, and then everything hurt because the feeling was the same…”

Her fingers traced over some of her scars and Nar understood what she meant, ’the pain was similar to when she got her scars, and so all of them must have flared up from a ghost of the sensation.’

“We stayed together for a long while after that, because he was determined to stay by my side and I wasn’t determined enough to leave him; he was so desperate to stay in my company and I got… used to him, even though sometimes he would forget he was in the present I just had to reach out for him and pull him back from the past,” she reached out towards the fire, her eyes following the line of her arm as Nar let his red eyes gaze past the tips of her fingers to the billowing flames.

“My voice was enough sometimes. Calling him softly - ‘Proteus, Proteus’ - he always came back to me,” she murmured, lowering her hand but not her gaze.

The silence the came from Jezebel alerted Narcissus that she was done with her little story for now, and from beyond the flames he could see a Scrafty animatedly telling a story to younger Pokemon.

Suddenly Jezebel jerked up; Nar quickly leaned back, preventing her from bashing the top of her head into his chin. She seemed almost excited, but settled after a moment, and so Narcissus assumed his previous position of leaning over her.

To his surprise the Lopunny reached back and latched onto his scarf, jerking him forward and down.

“J-Jezebel?” he flinched; she had somehow managed to fit her own head through his scarf, pulling it a bit looser than it normally was. She gripped it with her hands, and he realized that the Scrafty was the cause of her sudden excitement.

’Could that be…?’ he wondered, fixing a steely gaze on the Scrafty.

Jezebel answered his thoughts as she squeaked, “ah ah! Proteus! Proteus?”

The Scrafty seemed to hear her, even from that distance, but when he looked over and acknowledged that it was Jezebel who had called out to him…

There was a sudden anger in the Scrafty, and Narcissus’ trained eye could see it. He wrapped a dark arm around Jezebel and pulled her closer to his person, fixing a deadly glare upon the Scrafty, one that was as piercing in it’s malevolence as the one he had directed at Kalaghata earlier.

’She didn’t take that well,’ a low hiss streamed past his lips as Jezebel attempted to hide herself in his scarf, muttering confusedly to herself about Proteus’ behavior.

The Greninja fisted his hand in the dirt, letting his ever ominous presence grow. It was a way of intimidation, and from the way Proteus seemed to pale and quickly look away, he could only assume that it had worked.


Before being dragged away by Padma, Teagan had spent a good moment of his time staring at the tense conversation that had been taking place between Kalaghata and Saroja.

Now he sat on the opposite side of the fire, gazing at Padma and Samehk as the two all but cuddled together close to the flames.

’How polite of Padma to remember that Acacia and I are not exactly fond of the presence of flames,’ his gaze turned to the bonfire and he shuddered, ’this is certainly close enough for me. I can feel the heat just fine--’

His cyan gaze drifted to Acacia, as she seemed to be busily observing everyone around them, ’I wonder if she can feel the heat…?’

A shudder wracked her frame just then and he decided that she couldn’t. Teagan coughed lightly - not enough to distract her attention from her musings - and unclasped his coat from his neck. Pulling it away from his shoulders he draped it over Acacia instead.

She started, and the thorns on her right leg extended. A laugh escaped Teagan and she gave him a glare, though it was completely diffused by her illuminating blush.

“T-T-T-T-T-T-T--” and Teagan quickly pressed a finger to her lips, giving her a smirk and a wink.

“Now, now, Acacia, I don’t want you to hurt yourself~”

“TEAGAN!!” she exclaimed, then quickly clapped her hands over her mouth as several other ‘mons looked back at the two. Teagan snickered. Acacia punched him weakly in the shoulder.

“Wh-what are you I-I mean I could have--”

“But you didn’t, and you seemed cold,” he shrugged, “I can feel the warmth of the fire from here. That, and it might do me well to prove that I have some form of chivalry running through my veins.”

Acacia’s blush deepened. She pulled the coat more fully around herself, the thorns on her right leg retracting.

“I really could have r-ripped a good amount of h-holes in it though…” she muttered. Teagan waved his hand dismissively at her comment.

“Worry not, Acacia, I was prepared for that. If you had, I’ll have you know I can at least sew.”

A smile, “oh! W-Well then th-that’s good but… j-just tell me next time.”

“But of course,” he purred, then nodded his head toward the Kirlia and Greninja ahead of them, “as it were, it is plain as day to me that Padma is rather stricken by my brother. How unfortunate that he is shockingly oblivious to the emotions of others despite being a Kirlia himself.”

Acacia nodded her head a little, then looked up at Teagan and muttered, “you r-really are different around Samehk, you know…”

“My dear, we’ve discussed this previously~” he informed her, then succumbed and agreed with her, “however I cannot deny that my behavior changes around him. That is what happens when one feels safe with another. It becomes natural to lay yourself bare before them; such is how I am with my family.”

’I will only show my weakness in front of Samehk. My fear, my cowardice… but not in front of others,’ he sighed, a frown touching his lips, ’if my brother is not there I hide it best I can… unless I don’t know the ‘mons. Then I’ll simply run from the problem.’

“Ah… I wonder if there will ever be a p-point that you’ll r-relax that much a-around me…?”

Her question was almost better off being a mere comment, because Teagan looked at her with shock written all over his features. In an effort to cover up the fact that he could now feel a blush rising to his cheeks at the unexpected question he directed Acacia’s attention to the sky.

“I’d wonder how much you know about constellations! You see, my dear, sometimes constellations rise on opposite sides of the spectrum -- and I’ve heard a tale that there was once a princess who desperately wished to be by the side of one of her most trusted knights! However he was honor-bound and raised to strictly obey his duty alone, to protect and do nothing more, nothing less. But as I stated, she was desperate to be at his side. Her wish came true, though naturally it was by means of an invasion of the castle.

“Her knight was naturally by her side, barring the way through the doors of the bedroom with her bed! And though he countlessly requested that she leave his side she boldly refused, and wrapped her arms around his chest so that he could not force her,” he rambled on, glancing at Acacia in hopes that she was distracted. She seemed enthralled by the story enough, looking up at the stars as well. A nervous smile pulled at Teagan’s lips and he continued, sweeping his hand across from right to left in a gesture meant to encompass the sky above.

“As the enemy soldiers began battering against the door, the princess requested that her knight give her an honorable death. Without a moment’s hesitation he drew his sword and plunged it both through her and through himself - they died, collapsed against each other, their blood mingled together. You see, it was only in the end that she had managed to break down her knight’s walls and be as close to him as she desired,” he folded all his fingers down save for his index finger, pointing at a cluster of stars, “as a result, the knight and the princess rise together, connected by a string of stars, reaching out to each other but just the slightest distance away from each other that their fingers don’t touch.”

He breathed in deeply; telling such a story took a bit out of him. The femme Cacturne next to him was silent, her rose-gold gaze fixated on the stars. She appeared enchanted, and the longer Teagan stared at her the more he found himself being pulled into the air of allure that had gathered around her.

Teagan shook his head, attempting to break his spellbound gaze.

“... you’re good at t-telling stories, Teagan,” Acacia murmured, leaning against him slightly. A soft blush rose to his cheeks and he swallowed once, then twice, just to ensure himself that he wouldn’t stutter when he replied.

“I’m glad you think so, Acacia.”

A quiet giggle escaped her and he felt her head turn as she looked up at him, “w-would you be w-willing to tell me a-another sometime?”

“Of course!” he breathed a little easier, and she drifted into a content silence.

A frown, however, came across Teagan’s expression as he stole a glance at the Cacturne;

’It is unfortunate that I am… too afraid to allow myself to be vulnerable.’
CW/KV - Frosty festival (end).

Previous || End.

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