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PMDU - INTRO Home (DD) by Airanke

Start || Next.

Devour Dreamweaver.

I'll probably cameo anyone she's met so far in the first few pages... anyway. I'm gonna try and comic, and it's probably going to suck ass, but oh well, gotta' start somewhere I guess....

Ekaterina is mine, Airanke.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
Patron of Kyogre by Airanke
Patron of Kyogre
This piece is really huge for some reason and I don't know why. REGARDLESS, this was a lot of fun and was mostly me messing around with painting styles ahhh. Trying to find one that I like!

Eirian is mine, Airanke.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
Imperial by Airanke
THIS IS a new character he's a hybrid and but he's mostly a Smeargle but regardless he is mine.

Also yes is boy 100% through and through :'D Everyone here should know by now that I have a tendency to make really pretty boys //sob

Lionel is mine, Airanke.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
Kennedia Vein
Wavering Alloy.




Teagan rocked from side to side in his bed before finally getting a hold of himself. It was so incredibly frustrating to be bedridden, though as far as he knew there was nothing being done yet since everyone had come out of the dungeons - or, for those who could, proceeded to Geoda.

‘Once again, I am nothing but a burden to those around me,’ his brilliant cyan gaze drifted to the floor, ‘I’ve prevented Eury, Orianna, Ciela and Orpheus from going through to Geoda. All because we had to rush back here. All due to my laughable defences.’

Even if Astra had ‘healed’ him of the magic residue in his system - which the scientifically inclined Bisharp was struggling to wrap his logic filled mind around - he was still grossly weak. Samehk had to carry him everywhere if the Bisharp wanted to get up, as it was impossible for him to stand up on his own two feet. He would just wobble and stumble until ultimately falling flat on his face.

These thoughts brought Teagan to fist his hand in the sheets, ‘why couldn’t I just be strong? I’m not strong enough to do anything...’

He tipped his back to stare up at the ceiling, ‘needless to say, Andalusst’s no meat rule doesn’t help me at all. Regardless of what anyone says, fleshcap and meatroot cannot supply me blood, even if they can supply me everything else.’

Teagn’s head throbbed and he let out a loose laugh, his head hanging down, ‘and now even thinking makes me feel nauseous. The one thing I can do and I can’t do it because I’ve lost so much blood.’


He heard a shuffling sound at the door and lifted his head, blinking his eyes at Acacia. She had some grocery bags in hand, though he wasn’t entirely sure what she had bought.

“You’re awake!” she exclaimed, managing not to stutter this time. He merely nodded his head, watching her as she walked over to the curtained area; it was there that she set down the bags.

“D-did Samehk and P-Padma leave?” she asked, combing her long claws through her grass-like hair.

Teagan nodded his head slowly, then shook his head upon realizing Acacia wasn’t looking at him, “uh, they did, yes.”

The Cacturne hummed, brushing her hair away from her neck. Teagan’s sharp eyes immediately honed in on her neck, the cyan orbs wide with instinct.

He shook his head vigorously to dispel the desire, but this only served to make him feel considerably more lightheaded. He reeled in the bed, vision blurry, but he soon found himself being steadied.

“T-Teagan a-a-a-are you okay!?” Acacia exclaimed, seating herself on the bed, her hands firm against his shoulders. Teagan pressed his hand to his forehead, his eyes attempting to refocus.

‘Sh-she’s too close, I-I can smell her blood--’ a low growl sounded in his throat. His instinct was overpowering. He snapped his hand up and grasped her shoulder in a strong grip and the spikes on her neck shot out. For a brief moment Teagan recalled something he had known a long time ago, and with surprising ease he ripped one of the spikes out of Acacia’s neck.

She screeched, her fingers digging into his shoulders, her grip intensifying as he sunk his sharp teeth into her neck.

Within seconds of the iron taste coming in contact with his tongue, Teagan jerked his head back and away from Acacia’s neck. Blood dribbled down his chin and he covered his mouth, looking off to the side.

Good lord he could not believe himself. Surely he had more more control than that, or was he honestly just that weak?

“I… you have my… deepest apologies,” he managed to mutter under his breath. He couldn’t even dare to look at her, and after a painful silence, he heard the door to the apartment open and close. The Bisharp could only slowly lean forward until his forehead came into contact with his sheet covered legs.

‘Just how weak am I?’

At some point he realized he must have fallen asleep, because when he opened his eyes, instead of finding the sight of the cream colored sheets, he saw the ceiling.

Slowly he sat up.

Opposite to him sat Acacia - on the other cot - and there was some kind of bandage around her neck. He supposed it was only right that she would have a bandage around her neck.

The silence was thick and heavy and almost unbearable for Teagan. He clenched his hands in the sheets, his mind reeling to find words he wanted to say - but alas, he found nothing, and only managed a shaky breath in the place of where words should be.

“Padma and Samehk went out for dinner. Padma also mentioned that she’d be taking Samehk to the Black Balcony afterward, so they won’t be back for a while.”

Teagan swallowed. For whatever reason, Acacia was lacking her accent, and though the usual indicator to her change in demeanor was a pulled down hat, he noticed that her hat was hanging on the usually unused coat-tree just around the right corner of the alcove.

“I… see…” he mentally berated himself for being unable to come up with any other clever words to say. He raised his head when he heard shuffling feet, and he went rigid when he noticed that Acacia had chosen to move from the cot she sat on to the cot he was lying on.

“Acacia, I’m not certain--” he was forced into silence by a finger to his lips. Her rose gold eyes were fierce, and Teagan was cowed into silence.

“I wasn’t sure what to think of your behavior earlier,” she began, pulling back her hand and raising both to pull the bandage away from her neck, “but I ran into Padma after going to Cotton Guard Hospital, and she explained it to me. I hadn’t exactly gotten in to see the doctor before she located me,” the bandage folded over onto itself as it collapsed into her lap, “she saw the bite mark.”

Teagan’s eyes roved over Acacia’s neck, calculating, trying to figure out what she had had done before she could explain, ‘something definitely seems different… but what? What exactly is different, why can’t I put my finger on it--’

“I got my neck spikes removed.”

He stared at her in shock, and before he could stop himself, he uncharacteristically exclaimed, “why!? Don’t you need those for protection or--”

Acacia jerked herself forward and Teagan leaned back on his arms, holding his breath.

“You need blood, don’t you,” she stated, her gaze piercing. Try as he might to deny this truth, after once again allowing himself to breathe he nodded his head.

“That’s why I got them removed. It’s worse for you because you’re a Steel type, and you already lost a lot of blood… I don’t mind,” a frown crossed her lips, “you could, you know, just tell me when you need something, Teagan. I can probably get it for you, and the least I can do for you letting me stay here is let you have some of my blood every now and then.”

The Bisharp straightened up his posture, arms placed in his lap. He thought on it.

‘I know that Padma is aware of my… need for blood. If only Andalusst didn’t have that rule, then this wouldn’t be necessary for my survival...’ he looked up at Acacia, cyan eyes full of questions.

“Don’t ask. Just bite,” Acacia ordered, her tone a bit exasperated. Teagan looked off to the side, contemplating his options - but he didn’t have any.

Defeated, he cupped his hand around one side of Acacia’s neck, drawing her closer to his person. She willingly leaned forward, tipping her head toward his hand, which in turn fully exposed her neck.

Teagan sunk his teeth into her flesh, his canines easily puncturing the top layer of skin. She flinched, but otherwise, Acacia’s breathing was even. She rested her right hand against his side, and Teagan opened his mouth wider to pull his teeth from the wounds he’d made. From there, he proceeded to drink her blood, careful not to let a single drop escape his mouth. Her blood had a herbal taste to it, no doubt due to her being part grass.

He gripped the bandage that she’d taken off in his right hand, then pulled his head away from her neck. For now, he’d drunk enough. He ran his tongue over the puncture marks, then quickly began to redress her neck in the bandage.

“T-Teagan,” and there, her stutter had returned now and fierceness was gone from her eyes, “a-a-are you sure th-that was enough--”

“For now, yes,” he informed her, brushing his thumb over his lips, “I can’t just drink my fill of blood in one sitting. That would not only be bad for you, but also bad for me. I need to give my body time to digest it, after all, and I need to also give your body time to replenish. Think of it like donating blood; you can’t donate blood every other week, and you usually have to wait a long time in between before you can donate again.”

A chuckle escaped him, but this was the only time he’d forgive himself for babbling, “I certainly didn’t take so much blood that you’ll actually have to wait eight weeks, but you’ll definitely have to wait at least a week before I’ll be willing to drink  your blood again.”

Acacia frowned, her gaze drifting to the floor. Teagan fell silent, gazing steadily at her for a moment before tenderly running his fingers over her neck.

A bright blush spread over her cheeks and she looked up at him.

“Thank you.”

Her blush deepened, but before she could stutter out any words Teagan spoke again, “you should get some rest now. As should I, really, I doubt my brother will be too pleased to see me up when he gets back, whenever that may be.”

Acacia was still, but then nodded her head and got up from the cot. Teagan lay back down and, for the better part of an hour, stared blankly at the glittering lights that decorated the ceiling of the alcove. He was lulled to sleep by Acacia’s humming, though he could have sworn that - despite knowing she was in the area where the bath was - she wasn’t having a bath.

The thoughts were lost to him, however, as he drifted into yet another dreamless sleep.
PMDU - Intermission - Dracula (KV)

Intermission: Teagan and Acacia.

Kennedia Vein.

Mentioned characters: Orianna, Ciela (Skeletal Star), Eury and Orpheus (Lyre Light).

Me trying to make sense of my Steel type headcanons. Personally I believe that all Steel type Pokemon are carnivores due to the fact that blood contains a lot of iron and therefore it is essential to their survival - therefore, any and all of my Steel type characters will have vampiric tendencies.

Narcissus, Jezebel, Kalaghata and Saroja are mine, Airanke.
Eury and Orpheus belong to Mia, MiaMaha 
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
Caerulea Woden & Wishful Crown
Psychotropic Nymphaea and Sorceress’ Saga.


Kalaghata gazed out the window.

Narcissus had taken Saroja down to the lake that was just outside their home, while Jezebel had opted to remain indoors with him.

‘Ever since that bullshit festival she hasn’t said a damn thing about her fuckin’ ring,’ the Ralts inwardly growled, balling his hand into a fist. His ears flicked when he finally decided to listen in on what Jezebel and Astra were talking about.

“Ah, I’m just not… not feeling very well,” the Braixen muttered, to which Jezebel tipped her head to one side.

“Not feeling well?” she repeated, and Kal turned away from the window, hanging his legs over the edge of the bed.

“I bet it’s cuz she can’t fuckin’ walk yet,” he commented, causing Astra to wrinkle her nose at him.

“Yeah well I used to run around on all fours you dick!” she barked, causing Jezebel to flinch, “I wasn’t supposed to end up with legs like this!”

She gestured to her legs and Kalahgata rolled his eyes, “better you get used to ‘em then.”

The vixen’s ears pulled back and she was about to continue her argument with the Ralts if it weren’t for the fact that Jezebel meekly spoke up;

“Please stop yelling.”

“Er um… sorry I guess…”

Kal’s eyes narrowed, but a quick glance at Jezebel informed him that he was better off keeping his mouth shut. The Lopunny looked quite distressed at the fact that he and Astra were having some back and forth arguing. Her hands were brushing one of her hairless ears.

‘Astra guesses at a lot of fuckin’ things,’ he muttered inwardly, shaking his head, ‘like she can never make up her damn mind.’

Hopping off the bed, the Ralts walked over to the fruit bowl to investigate its contents. There were quite a selection of berries inside; the majority of them were Pecha berries. Though they weren’t his favorite, the Ralts reached for one, then grabbed two more. He stuck one in his mouth and walked over to the table where Jezebel and Astra were sitting.

“‘Ere,” he managed to say as he set the berries on the table, “migh’ as well ‘ave a snack’er shumthin’.”

Though Jezebel made nothing of the way he now spoke with the berry in his mouth, Astra was staring at him with quite a peculiar expression. He cocked an eyebrow at her and took a bite of his berry.

“What’re you starin’ at Astra?” he asked after he’d swallowed what he’d bitten off. She shook her head, her gaze shifting immediately to the table.

“Oh uh, nothing…” she muttered. He tilted his head to the side, wondering if perhaps i the way he had been forced to speak with a berry in his mouth had reminded her of someone. Though he was fully capable of reading her mind to find out what she was thinking, that was never something the Ralts would resort to unless it was absolutely necessary.

'And it isn't necessary at all right now, as far as I'm concerned,' he scoffed inwardly, shaking his head. He returned to the bed by the window, gazing out at the lake once more, Jezebel and Astra's conversation buzzing in his ears.

"So um... Jezebel," the Braixen said, a tinge of nervousness in her voice, "about the ice that covers your ears sometimes..."

"Oh, yes!" Jezebel chirped, "I know Blizzard."

"Yes but um..."

Here Kalaghata could pick up on Astra's uncertainty, and when she spoke next he could hear the firmness in her voice;

"I need to know when you're going to do that so I can take the necessary precautionary steps."

'The fuck is she going on about?' Kal wondered, noting that confusion was flowing off of Jezebel now, 'sounds like she needs to be in control or some shit.'

"When I... panic?" Jezebel answered, and Kal glanced over his shoulder to look at the two women. Astra had a deep frown dominating her features, while Jezebel looked genuinely confused.

"It's not something I can always control, if that's what you're asking," the Lopunny continued before Astra could say anything more. Jezebel released her ear and went on with her explanation, "it's a reflex that I have when I am nervous, or when a fight is likely to break out. And unless Flower is there to stop me, as he has excellent intuition, I usually cannot stop myself from activating the move."

"O-oh I see... but why do you have to use Blizzard when there's going to be a fight? Couldn't you, I don't know, use something else?"

"I could, however, Blizzard is the most effective. It grants me the ability to summon enough snow to block out the sun, and if that is the case, then during a fight it will surely suffice. No one can do anything if they cannot see. Furthermore, when you are cold, you are much more unwilling to move," she answered with confidence, "if no one can see and no one can move, then a possible fight has been fully avoided. I activate the move by instinct, Astra," Jezebel's emotions shifted from confusion to sadness, "I do not like conflict. I will end it as I see fit in the most efficient way possible."

Astra resorted to incoherent grumblings and Kal felt he couldn't blame her. Despite Jezebel not seeming to always 'be there', she had solid logic.

'Guess it was pretty dickish of me to think she was a bit retarded since she can act like a five year old sometimes,' he turned his gaze once more to the two Pokemon at the dock. Narcissus was in the water, resting his head on his arms as he kept his upper body propped up on the dock. Saroja, on the other hand, only had her legs dangling in the water.


Narcissus was quite the gazer, Saroja had come to realize.

His red eyes had been steadily fixed on her since he came up to rest, though once in a while his eyes flicked to the cottage. She could only assume that Kal was at the window, staring out at them - and she knew why. He wanted to know more about the ring that she had in her lap, and from the emotions that were flowing off of Narcissus, he wanted to know why she had it too.

The Kirlia sighed.

“You’re not going to let me not talk about it, are you?” she asked meekly, glancing at the Greninja with darkened orange eyes - a display of her morose feelings.

To her surprise, the Greninja shook his head, “if you’re asking me if I’m going to force you to talk about it, then no. Would I say it would be wise to talk about the ring? Yes,” he chuckled lightly, and Saroja calmed slightly upon feelings the emotions that wafted off of him now, “in the end, whether or not you talk about it is up to you.”

Saroja pouted, looking down at the simple golden ring in her lap. It wasn’t something she had ever wanted, really. Most of the reason why she had it was to appease her mother, the hopeless romantic that Mrinali was. Then again, thinking about her mother made Saroja think about Linette, her dear friend.

Shaking her head, Saroja sighed once more, looking up at the sky, ‘would it be rude of me to ask for a secret in return? But I don’t know if Narcissus has anything to hide....’ she frowned, shaking her head once more, her gaze returning to the ring in her lap.

“... I don’t know.”

“Is it that hard for you to talk about?” Narcissus asked, his tone gentle. Saroja nodded her head, her frown deepening.

“I mean it’s… not like it was my mother’s fault. She just wanted me to be happy, and it wasn’t like I didn’t have any feelings for Diarmad it just…” she hesitated, threading through her mind, trying to find the words to say, “it isn’t going to work out. You could almost call it an arranged marriage. I had little say in the matter, and what I did say well it was… I was…”

“Influenced by your mother’s desires?” he offered, and she nodded her head.

“I was a new Kirlia and so… I was really susceptible to her emotions. I-I don’t know how my father feels about it but… well… I just don’t know.”

The Greninja was quiet for a while, until finally, he spoke up once again;

“Aren’t your parents here in Andalusst, Saroja?”

She went rigid, and Narcissus heaved himself out of the water, turning on his arms to sit next to her. Saroja was momentarily awed by his strength, then shook her head.

“Why don’t you go back to Iapon, Narcissus?” she asked, purposefully avoiding the question.

He was silent, then looked out at the lake as she turned her head to look up at him.

“If I go back, I’ll be killed.”

His answer was so straightforward that, for a moment, Saroja thought that he was joking.

When she realized he wasn’t, she exclaimed, “WHAT but--! Why?!”

“I’m an assassin,” he replied quietly, lowering his gaze to the water, “when you fail to make an assassination, as part of a clan… there are dire consequences. Padma and I are staying away from our homeland for a reason. Only death awaits us should we return.”

Saroja was stunned, ‘someone as… kind and gentle as Narcissus is… an assassin?’

She would have never guessed - but then again, he had proven himself to have quite the ominous and - dare Saroja believe it - murderous aura. His skill at using his dark presence to incapacitate Psychic types was nothing to laugh at, and when she took into consideration his overall strength--

‘I shouldn’t be surprised,’ she realized, ‘I really shouldn’t.’

“... Kal is becoming rather incessant with his staring,” Narcissus mused, his long ears twitching at the sound of an irritate yelp. Saroja looked back at the house, able to sense Kal’s flustered emotions with ease, even from this distance.

‘Wonder what got him all flustered so fast...’ the Kirlia wondered inwardly, though she perked up when Narcissus stood. Grabbing the ring in one hand, she rose to her feet as well.

“Sun’s going down… guess it’s better if we head back inside now,” he smiled down at her, “at some point, he’s probably going to expect some explanation.”

“I-I know,” Saroja stammered, an embarrassed blush flitting over her cheeks. The Greninja chuckled, and Saroja hurried to keep up with his much longer stride.

As the two entered the house, they found Astra standing at one end of the table, with Kal at the other - the Ralts was positively fuming, his face red with what appeared to be both anger and embarrassment, and Astra wagged a finger at him.

“Now, now Kal, you gotta’ keep your voice down, Jezebel doesn’t like that~”


Saroja clapped a hand over mouth while Narcissus merely raised his hand to cover his face, while Astra’s ears flicked straight up and her mouth dropped open.

The Braixen was flabbergasted for a moment - at least, until Kal’s words finally settled in her mind. Her ears set back and a stream of fire escaped her as she screeched back at the Ralts;


“A LAME BITCH THAT’S WHAT!” the Ralts bellowed, and as Jezebel appeared to slink slowly under the table, Saroja went about trying to calm down Astra, while Narcissus strode over to Kal, clapped his hand down on the Ralts’ head, and began dragging him toward the backdoor.

The vixen and the boy continued to scream profane insults at each other until Narcissus finally got Kal out of the house, and at that point Saroja had at least managed to set her hand on Astra’s shoulder.

Astra huffed several times and Jezebel peeked her head out from under the table.

“... is it safe?” she meekly inquired, and Saroja couldn’t help letting out a laugh as she nodded her head in affirmative. Pleased, the Lopunny popped back into her chair.

“What’s for supper!” she asked, tilting her head at Saroja. The Kirlia let her hand slip away from Astra’s shoulder as the Braixen finally calmed, muttering a few apologies under her breath. Saroja shook her head at Astra, then walked over to the fridge.

There wasn’t much of substance in there, save for a few meatroot and fleshcap that Narcissus had purchased earlier that day. Humming to herself, Saroja moved over to the stove to turn it on.

“Well! I can fry up some Rawst berries with the fleshcap! That’ll make a nice dish, I think. I could add rice to it too, I’m sure we have some of that--”

“I’ll help!!” Jezebel exclaimed, bounding over to the kitchen. Astra looked over like she wanted to help as well, her ears flicked forward - however, Saroja picked up on her unease, and the Braixen went to observing her hands instead.

“Astra!” Saroja called, causing Astra to raise her head, “while Jezebel’s preparing the rice, I wouldn’t mind having some help washing the berries.”

Now, Astra seemed quite enthusiastic about washing some berries, and Saroja let her sort through the berry dish to find the ones the Kirlia needed. As the oil in the pan heated, Saroja went back over to the fridge, pulling out the fleshcap. She and Jezebel easily slipped past each other, the Lopunny going to the stove to put the pot of rice on to cook.

As Astra carefully set all the Rawst berries into the sink, Saroja pulled out a cutting board and a sharp knife from one of the drawers. She cut up the fleshcap into smaller, almost cube shaped pieces.

“I’m done washing the berries, Saroja,” Astra informed her, and Saroja smiled at her.

‘I guess I’ll have her take these over to Jezebel,’ she mused, pulling a bowl out of a nearby cupboard with Telekinesis. She lifted all the fleshcap pieces with her Telekinesis as well, dropping them into the bowl and handing them to Astra.

“Here, take this to Jezebel. I’ll cut up the berries.”

“Ah o-okay…” Astra muttered, grasping the bowl between her hands.

Soon enough, Saroja had finished cutting the berries and she carried them over to the pan, careful not to spill any of the juice. Astra had returned to the table while Jezebel was stirring the fleshcap around in the pan; she wordlessly let Saroja take over.

‘I wonder what Narcissus and Kal are talking about,’ the Kirlia’s horns shimmered as she tried to sense the two. As usual, Kal was easy to locate, and she could only assume that the ominous blank spot in her psychic vision was Narcissus.

If anything, the two seemed to be talking, but about what, Sar realized she would likely never know.

“Um, Jezebel!”

The Lopunny lifted her head from staring at the rice, and Saroja continued with her request, “could you go get Narcissus and Kal?”

Immediately Saroja regretted asking, as fear spiked off of the Lopunny immediately, her bright lemon gaze fixed on the sunlight that was still bright outside.

“I’ll go get them,” Astra announced, and before Saroja could stop her the Braixen went to the back door.

Apparently the two were sitting just outside, and within fifteen minutes of them coming back inside, dinner was served.
PMDU - Intermission - Secrets (CW + WC)

Intermission: Kalaghata, Jezebel, Astra, Saroja and Narcissus

Wishful Crown

Caerulea Woden

Well okay I'm getting somewhere I guess.

Narcissus, Jezebel, Kalaghata and Saroja are mine, Airanke.
Astra belongs to Wish, StarLynxWish.
Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.
I'll have you know I haven't seen the post and I'm not going to look at it, because LOL if he thinks he can get my attention that easily.

I have a general understanding on what exactly is going on, but I am going to take the advice of most of my friends and avoid the post.

Unlike him I'll do something productive with my time instead of whining and complaining about something that doesn't even matter U w U

On top of that I'm so glad I got blocked by him because that means that I don't see annnnny of his stuff popping up in my messages~~~ Such a relief, really~~

Anyway!! Just wanted to put this out there U w U

And! To everyone out there who's doing something about it. You have my thanks u w u :heart:


To know her is to love her.
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